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This article has some unnecessary comments, but... the inner nerd in you might like to know how Habboon runs to a small extent.

So recently we've had a bit of a strange up-time ratio, which is not like us - as we're Fresh and Rise above other hotels with our Active and Lush community, you could say it's Next Generation.

Anyways... what gives?

So a while ago, we moved from provider A to provider B. provider B was extremely high in quality, but not as cost effective as provider A. So just 6 months later, we've moved again - we tried an alternative provider, provider C & provider D. Having our website with provider D and our emulator and database with provider C... You following?

So, we began to experience lots of latency, while our website was on a load balancer using 4 servers (we were experimenting how we could scale Habboon...) it just wasn't worth it. We then fell into an issue with provider C (emulator) not having sufficient enough protection, not only this but the latency between the database & emulator was terrible, so we made the move back to provider A! For the game server at-least... 

We then thought hey, what the hell - and moved our website & database both back to provider A aswell - not before having a full 24 hours of website issues because we forgot to change a God damn port number for our Discord bot(s) - not forgetting that once we migrated we didn't configure the Raid properly... D:

What now?!

Well, we've found our ideal setup and have returned to (almost) our original setup. We now run on 3 dedicated servers, allowing space for other projects, but also giving Habboon a ton of resources to run well. The website, database and game server all run separately but within the same private network.

We should be good now, we're going to attempt to return back to a regular release schedule - as we've been very stale as of late.


Habboon Management.

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SamuelBosco 5 months ago

This has nothing to due with the subject but could you guys add that hat I saw from Fresh that had a tip and a cross on it, its like red and gold. Please and thank you!

Yariman 5 months ago

Remember when Sledmore wrote on the Discord that there would be compensation?

Parsov 5 months ago

Use PlanetaHost's 48 GB Ram Servers. they're worth it.

two 5 months ago


Adrian 5 months ago


iu 5 months ago

love the retro puns

Prince 5 months ago

We can finally comment!?

lewd 5 months ago

"we're Fresh and Rise above other hotels with our Active and Lush community, you could say it's Next Generation." LUL retro puns

DEATH.0 5 months ago

Great work, We proud of you. Thanks <3

Schuterman 5 months ago

<3 thx for all your work

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Remember when Sledmore wrote o...

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