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Hey Habboon,

If you haven't noticed already on the client or the staff page, we've already started hiring our new batch of trial moderators for the hotel. After hundreds of applications, we decided that these lot are the best of the best for us to give a chance to.

However, we're also still looking for a small amount of additional moderators. To keep the applications clean and fresh, as you might also have new stuff to add to your application, we're going to run the applications for a little bit longer to give more people a chance. 

Just click here to apply!

We'll probably get round to reading them all on Monday, so that gives you an entire week-end to explain to us why you're worthy of being our next star moderators. Looking forward to reading over all the applications and picking the best of the best.

Many thanks, 


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.BaBi. 5 months ago

when we'll know if we get accepted to be a habboon staff?

meg 5 months ago

cool beans

fantasia900 5 months ago

My name is fantasia900 and I did an application, but I haven't gotten anything yet. Can someone help me?

Justea 5 months ago

Good Luck!love ya!

DOM-BLxCK 5 months ago

i bet you are /i trust no man

two 5 months ago

Ur looking at ur next mod (again)

chibi 5 months ago

best of luck to future staff :)) !

Fendi 5 months ago

pespidoge yh shut up fam

cauley 5 months ago

good luck !! x

Prince 5 months ago

good luck ya'll

pespidoge 5 months ago

If you have any concerns, feel free to ask a moderator or administrator around the hotel. Even myself if I'm active.

cotton 5 months ago

good luck !!!

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when we'll know if we get acce...

cool beans

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