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Hey Habboon,

Over the past day or so, changes have been made to our Discord server that we use (often found on the front page of the website). These changes were to make everything more responsive with our server and the site, such as account linking, and allowing our resident discord bot, Boonbot, work much better. 

Because of these changes, we decided to un-link all users from the Discord server and also purge the server of inactive users. From 6000+ users to 1700+ users in the server (removing 4,393 users in total!), 1500+ which were linked. However, this allows us to put a more fun focus on the Discord server and allow us to reward users who take part in discussions, actively help and are a fun user to have around in there. 

If you were inactive, or totally new to discord, it's really simple to get your account linked. Simply just head to our homepage and click 'Join Us' on the Discord banner or head to the Account Settings (by clicking the top right icon) and selecting the 'Discord' tab. From there, just link your Discord account and Habboon account together and you will be automatically able to type in our server. 

Discord also has a nitro-boosting function which we reward users (and will be adding new rewards for nitro-boosting streaks) for doing so as it benefits the server in terms of features and gimmicks. 

Hope you enjoy the changes and enjoy your time on our Discord server, just as much as you do on the client.



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:Jack: 5 months ago

I love new changes lmao

meg 5 months ago

cool beans

Yvw 5 months ago

Hey i think some staff misclicked and banned me from the discord haha XD sounds crazy i know, fuck u guys

chibi 5 months ago

disc-o disc-o woot woot

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I love new changes lmao

cool beans

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