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Hey there,

Over the past week, a lot of changes have been made to the Habboon website alongside additions. Instead of taking up a lot of your time, we'll just quickly breakdown what's new.

Small Changes!

At the top of the site, you'll notice that there has been changes made to the navigation bar and the image used. This was a stylistic decision and overall was agreed that it makes the site look nicer than it did previously. More stylistic changes have happened such as the return of the article news carousel on the 'me' page.

Habboon Help Center

On the navigation bar, you might also notice the new addition of a 'help' button. This help button will display various amount of enquries that are often asked, and dealt with by, to client staff. However, we've now made it a lot more easier for you to access by using this help center. 

Simply click the relevant button and you'll be taken to a form to fill out. Such as password resets, VPN whitelisting, ban appeals and our ticket system. This is now the used method instead of having to go through the trouble of having to find a staff member on client.

Feedback System

Alongside that, there is now a Feedback tab which is found on the navigation bar. This system is intended for users to be able to post bugs, suggestions/ideas and also requests to the hotel. It offers social functionality for users to discuss and vote on the posts made by other users. 

This also gives us the ability to update you about upcoming changes and user-requested features. On the main feedback page, we're able to mark posts as 'planned', 'in-progress' and 'complete'. Giving you transparency on our progress with these features. Got any suggestions? Go over to it by clicking 'Feedback' and give it a try. 

Upcoming Client Changes

We're approaching the end of the year now, which means there's a lot of holidays coming up, winter and autumn. You'll be safe to know that we're on top of these holidays but you can also help us by submitting suggestions for future systems for them in the feedback page. You'll be able to see these client changes in the next few weeks. 

Thanks for reading.

Comments (13)

meg 9 months ago

cool beans

.Flacko. 9 months ago

Bring back custom clothing

pespidoge 9 months ago

Bring back custom clothing

wlr 9 months ago

Bring back custom clothing

Fidelity 9 months ago

Bring back custom clothing.

CorruptedMilky 9 months ago

can we create custom furniture and clothing?

JerryMouse 9 months ago

when is this then

TooMuchWork 9 months ago

Could there be a point in time where you walk though a block and see yourself, basically transparency?

kiss 9 months ago

thanks for the heads up!

pespidoge 9 months ago

Far as we're concerned, that's December 2020. Our response to that isn't necessary for another 12 months but we'll most likely talk about the future of Boon in.. the future.

succ 9 months ago

What's happening when Flash goes "poof" ;)

pespidoge 9 months ago

Already on it. Check the feedback system, under 'planned'. Have asked for users to suggest their preferred new clothing as we'll likely add it gradually.

LoveMyOreo 9 months ago

Bring back the new clothes and hair please :((

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cool beans

Bring back custom clothing

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