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Hello & welcome to GUESS THE FURNI

presented to you by TWO. 

Guess The Furni is a new article where each SATURDAY there will be 5 unclear images of 5 different items from the Habboon catalogue. The aim is to identify & correctly name all 5 of the different furniture & the name of which SECTION in the catalogue they come under in order to win!

For example: Corner Plinth, Lodge.

- All furni names must be stated correctly & clearly.

- You must get both the furni NAME & SECTION correct.

- Sharing answers with anybody will result in disqualification from the article.

- Multiple guesses per person is NOT allowed.

- Must meet deadline otherwise you're guesses will NOT count.


Find me in-game with which badge you'd like!

Furni 1

Furni 2

Furni 3

5 Random winners will be picked via a generator

As RARE prizes are currently on hold we have cute nifty badges as the prizes.

More options of badges will appear over time.

In order to submit your answers you can either click HERE or click the submit button below!

All submissions must be in by 

 Friday the 25th of October 11:59pm UK TIME.

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If you have any problems, questions or queries then don't hesitate to contact two#2222 on discord.

Have fun.

-dlan two

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i love post malone

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i love post malone

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