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The following are the five winners for the Habboon Photo Competition, for Halloween, after going through many submissions. As always, not everyone is going to agree and all you have to know is .. I really don't care. 

Thanks to all those that entered and appreciate it as always. Christmas one in December? Higher stakes? Hmm.

Shydood - https://i.imgur.com/MvmH7LA.png (Thought the photo captured a noire theme rather well and fit the aesthetic of Halloween almost upon first look. Great submission.)

autumn - https://i.imgur.com/K7Dt9U7.png (A photo of a room she built and it looks great, as always. Appreciate the effort still going into the seasonal events!)

brooke - https://imgur.com/a/eoxAgmJ (Thought this was rather neat and unique. A photo that is based upon a Halloween movie scene - with a clip alongside it! Great submission, love it.)

Disasterology - https://imgur.com/OaIlnhj (Probably the most 'creepiest' picture out of all the submissions. Rather graphic considering it was taken on Habboon. Hope to see how you lighten the mood up for Christmas' competition).

Jacqueline - https://imgur.com/2gi8fdF (Picked this primarily on the costume. Not an avid costume change player, but thought this was a great Siren look and as a fan of monsters I had to pick it.)

All efforts were great and not a single bad one, but prizes are limited so only five were picked! Thanks for everyone who put effort in and we'll make sure to showcase all submissions on our Facebook page. 

Hope you all had a great Halloween! 


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lily 2 months ago

i love autumn

Shydood 2 months ago

Wasn't expecting to win, but... 0.0

Kelci 2 months ago

Well done winners, some fab costumes ?

bogan 2 months ago

why do you hate my corpse bride

josey 2 months ago

oooo!!! congrats clique gorls

chibi 2 months ago


Bussy 2 months ago

Congratulations everyone!!!

pespidoge 2 months ago

Find me on client (if you can) for your prizes. Thanks mandem.

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i love autumn

Wasn't expecting to win, but.....

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