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What's behind today's advent door?!

This year we'll be hosting a daily 'advent article' in which Habboon users will have the chance to contribute daily to earning 'advent points' which will be backlogged by us. We'll share the link to the leaderboard sheet in next week's article so that you can see who's leading up. The top 10 users at the end of the month will receive a Christmas jackpot, courtesy of Habboon's finest bachelors.

Eh, the Nordic Scarf was so yesterday. Want a chance to win a BIG snowflake jackpot prize?! (Number will be disclosed on Christmas Day) then you just have to do one simple task:

Unlike yesterday, where we asked for your best memory of 2019, give us your best memory of Habboon of the decade! Seeing as the decade ends in a few weeks, we want to know your FAVOURITE all time Habboon memory! Or how Habboon has impacted you this decade.

Let us know in the comments and you'll be entered into the snowflake jackpot on Christmas Day!

If you have any questions regarding the article, feel free to join the Habboon discord (found in account settings/on the main page) and ask in the support channel for any assistance.

We'll be revealing the 'top 10' prizes over the next few weeks, some which are EXCLUSIVE to this article and won't be earned through any other methods. We look forward to spending Christmas with you!

Happy Holidays,

Habboon Management.

Comments (80)

SophiaDestiny 1 month ago

makes me interact with lots of people and enjoy talking to them :)

notky 1 month ago

Joining Habboon thinking it was a mistake but it wasn't.

oliver 1 month ago

Spending 1500 hours on this shit site in about a year would probably be my best memory

horror 1 month ago

That's tough. I'd probably say that meeting a lot of different people, making friends here and there and such has been a fun experience, as it's brought a lot of different qualities into life.

elle 1 month ago

Habboon helped me improved in socializing with different people. It also helped in improving my communication skills with people. I also like this game because i found new people that I now consider as my family <3

fiend 1 month ago

Obviously if you check my profile, you can see I'm a user of the old times... Thus you can expect my memories to be vast and crazy but I'd rather say how this hotel has impacted me. Camaraderie is all I have to say.

Kelci 1 month ago

OML, Buddy’s comment about ‘white middle class mom RP’ made me laugh. Anyone else remember when adoption centre RPS were a thing

topnotch 1 month ago

I've been playing boon since 2014. I remember events being hosted every 10 minutes, the casinos were popping everyday. I remember I had got banned from user Ben and had to make a new account because I i wanted to play so bad. Good times lmao..

gracie! 1 month ago

meeting new people from different countries!

toad 1 month ago

i've been playing for half a decade and my favorite memory is probably when i won my first habboon award; i also cant forget to mention the many friends ive made along the way!!!

Panurtles. 1 month ago

My best moment was finding this retro after i got banned for being 9 on habboo!! and got everything free without having to use my mother credit card. WOOOO

poodle 1 month ago

i loved meeting all my recent friends that ive met this decade and i love them so much

emy 1 month ago

Making awesome memories with my friends for the past 3 years on habboon has been amazing. It's been an awesome journey seeing this game develop! I love spending time and having fun on boon <3

haven 1 month ago

LMS vs REgina was the funniest thing ever. Also when we played scribble after 3 days awake was much fun too :>

Kechies 1 month ago

Getting my first throne ;3

loltfisthis 1 month ago


doll 1 month ago

my favourite memory was when user plushy made a really cute room for me on my bday and invited all of our friends <3

Wired 1 month ago

My favorite memory was probably when DB injected boon with a tool that turned any furniture into a gnome pet, I had fun with that I forget the guys user but he had a ton of rares then lost it all

jtx 1 month ago

Boon 2017, the year we had Ezra, the biggest troll, as a Trial mod. 2017, when Snog was at its peak and basically everyone used it. When the community was more relaxed, rather than toxic. 2017 when Boon was great.

Spenny 1 month ago

Honestly my favourite boon memory is just the community itself. Making new friends, getting to know events and staff. Also ages back when i first joined when i used to do the adoption RPs, one of my most cringe memories but it really got me into habboon:)

xStian 1 month ago

Only been on Habboon for a month, so I repeating what I said yesterday: Meeting my boys, Alex and Kazeshini on the Habboon discord and hanging out with them on the hotel while mastering their language, french (not joking lmao. oui oui! Je suis d'accord).

Bussy 1 month ago

Probably around when I first joined with my friends to do a middle class white mom role play. good times!

326 1 month ago

I've been on Boon for half a decade but all of the people I've met and still keep it contact with, even if they don't play anymore, is amazing and I'm so grateful for this pixel game!!

libby 1 month ago

meeting all my lovely best friends <3

lewd 1 month ago

meeting user lord

slut 1 month ago

gotta be winning my water dragon through sotw. i miss u sotw x

SecondBreakfastPip 1 month ago

Coming second in ROTW <3

tina 1 month ago

my fav memory in boon? last man standing. regina bought me vip so i could host and all <3 shes really kind and that really made my year in boon!

Fenn 1 month ago

Probably meeting Maggie, undead, while doing a quest together. That was the start to our friendship and I am forever grateful for that xo

Andrei 1 month ago

The time when I said I'll quit boon for good? That was hilarious!

Kelci 1 month ago

I remember the first time I joined like it was yesterday. There was so much to see and I've also really enjoyed learning to build. This #BoonDecade was amazing, lets make the next one even more amazing xox

tori 1 month ago

[the gnomes]

June 1 month ago

Ohh this is hard. Probably when I started playing boon in 2014 knowing there's an active Filipino community in here. <3<3<3

jody7 1 month ago

when andrei shot up the entire habboon high school

asai 1 month ago

Hmm, this is a tough one. I'd say that the best memory I have was when I talking with user wout about how to build rooms. They were a huge inspiration and influence on me to start building the rooms, especially after I saw how the rooms looked like.

Blurpy 1 month ago

Returning to this nostalgic game. It has some charm that cant be explained and I'm glad i made some new friends.

TrueReligions 1 month ago

Just a great place to come and chill, bet, make new friends. Just a huge chatroom that i'm greatful to be apart of!

nugs 1 month ago

meeting great friends

gainz 1 month ago

lol every guy and girl built like a cricket on boon thats my memory

Jenyx 1 month ago

when i got leaf crown from a giveaway :p

soda 1 month ago

My best memory is when all my friends left

Zid 1 month ago

Since playing all these years boon has just become a cosy place to come to when ive not got anything on, very cool.

Paddy 1 month ago

my favourite habboon memory of all time is definitely the first time that i placed in rotw back in 2015

ValentineMarie 1 month ago

Meeting a very beautiful woman by the name of Chelsea was definitely the highlight of my adventure <3

chibi 1 month ago

I dedicate this to my twin hoes Kev & Karen, if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have been the whore I am 2day. Claw, Fern & Brooke ya'll have my heart, my bestest sluts. I'd like to thank all my friends (u know who u are) 4 the love and endless laughter!

pops 1 month ago

when I finally got an oversized scarf. Who doesn't love an oversized scarf?!

devi 1 month ago

and then devi got demoted & pregnant then jessica found out that boonbot died and then desiree deleted ppls ehas and wrote :kill and then devi got promoted again and then georgios happened and then desiree and devi quit leaving eggyyolkkk all alone.

desiree 1 month ago

when devi, eggyolk and i got tmod together, and then got promoted to mod together :") Our entire staff journey was really memorable, how we'd bully/annoy one another or just hangout. Glad i got to know them/got closer to them through boon <3

villain 1 month ago

When user Trippy told me he bet Obama on a golf course and he came straight to boon to tell me.

Bard 1 month ago

For me, it has to be SWRPs move to Boon. It's done us so much good.

auryn 1 month ago

when daniel fell down the stairs

PaydTV 1 month ago

finding this game has filled a nostalgic part of my memories when i was younger like no other game could have, ive spent countless hours building rooms now and just generally enjoying the game,

Dalax 1 month ago

When boon has a lot of users and there's tons of events to play with friends

lily 1 month ago

the first time i saw user cuddle's avatar... it was love at first sight

.BaBi. 1 month ago

gettin back to find my old friends about 5years ago

fraise 1 month ago

meeting my bestfriend

ezekiel 1 month ago

the whole transition period of december '18 to january '19 will always be the best for me, lots of events and made permanent memories with my friends

DelilahPierce 1 month ago

reconnecting w old friends who i missed when i left

Distressed 1 month ago

the events and making new friends has to be the best memory of the decade

hossbrookshero 1 month ago

my favorite moment was when I won the boon awards

devi 1 month ago

When me, mod-desiree, and mod-eggyolk played games together and abused each other all the time and hung out like a lil staff mean girls group and told Mod-georgios DAMN congrats to his engagement to user licc. Also when georgios said zinga.

rare 1 month ago

getting my alt user admin yeeted by pespidoge

Tarasque 1 month ago

Clash of the agencies

Regina 1 month ago

my favourite boon moment was when my friends threw a surprise birthday party for me !! lol if you guys are reading this i love u all sm heh <3

Lili 1 month ago

Joining Habboon was a very rash decision but deciding to keep on staying was made because of some amazing people and Boon has given me so many memories and people to cherish! I'm glad I made the choice to stay :)

Lineart 1 month ago

When ROTW participants we're hype, it was the best moments.... especially competing against Nonchalant he was the best room maker.

des; 1 month ago

Joining back at the start of this year/end of last & starting fresh was the best choice I made!! so that's definitely my favourite memory!! <3 :) & meeting a friend irl off here!! <3

Anxi3ty 1 month ago

Meeting new people and getting me through a lot of hard times!! <3 <3

mop 1 month ago

The Habboon Awards felt like an emmy's lmao they were a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed them. Also all the LMS's were fun

SarahMontana 1 month ago

Making friends, rping and joining in on events!

Ignia 1 month ago

When I got gold VIP, to be honest. Its been a fun ride.

bunny 1 month ago

prank when the staff pretended to fake their identities to avoid lawsuit from Sulake

RosaMurillo 1 month ago

My Favorite boon moment was joining boon back in August 21st 2013

Asken 1 month ago

Haven't been playing boon or any other for years, found this on google and went in and this place is super cozy and friendly and toxic ;p

bio 1 month ago

my favourite boon moment ever was geting banned

daggerdick 1 month ago

When I got my noble crown, I haven't taken it off since last Christmas.

KittyCass 1 month ago

when a friend tried to kill me..

.-zoe-. 1 month ago

my favorite habbo moment was finding my account again. I've been really chilling ever since I got back on, always building, and having fun. Plus I need more snowflakes I wasted all mine on mittens LOL.

BitchCraft 1 month ago

I haven't been on Boon for a decade, but this time when I got rights in a cozzie change and the owner insulted my outfit and forgot I had rights. So I stacked wired and her MASSIVE ROOM started moving. I proclaimed earthquake.

tuna 1 month ago

peepeedog big boy mansion tour

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