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Dear Boys and Girls, 

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas, Habboon! Santa here writing from the North Bobba. Christmas season is the the hardest time of the year here at the North Pole, but it is also so much fun.

I have been very busy preparing for the big Christmas trip around all the hotel rooms, but I wanted to make time to personally let you know how you can be eligible to being on my nice list and receiving some Christmas goodies to wake up to on Christmas Day!

If you want to wake up to a gift this Christmas, you need to do one final task - besides being a good user all this year! You need to:

  • Create a room and title it "Come here Santa" so that I can find it on my trip.
  • Design a room, it doesn't matter how good or what the theme is, and make sure to leave some cookies and milk for Santa.
  • During Christmas eve, Santa will visit the rooms that meet the standards above and leave Christmas gifts behind!

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas so far on Habboon and look forward to seeing more from you!

Happy Holidays,

Santa (Father Christmas).

P.S: We're out of balding cream this year, sorry Ash. So be sure to spit shine his head if you see him.

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deloooooooooooooooooo 1 month ago

You're much welcome fake santa!!

loltfisthis 1 month ago


hard 1 month ago

thanks santa ;)

kewpie 1 month ago

love u santa

Fenn 1 month ago

will do santa ;) xo

Andrei 1 month ago

I hope santa brought lube for a little surprise :)

Kelci 1 month ago

Does Ash have balding cream on his Christmas list then? Hope Santa likes quadruple chocolate chip cookies :)

Regina 1 month ago

hope santa likes my homemade baked cookies!!

iu 1 month ago

wooohooo christmas is coming!

chibi 1 month ago

joy and cheers <3!

Lili 1 month ago

hope everyone has a great christmas!!

cuddle 1 month ago

:/ what’s ash gonna do now Santa

Bitblit 1 month ago

It's my first time.

no 1 month ago

my grandma made the cookies :P

TattooedInCanada 1 month ago

"Come here Santa" first time doing this on boon :) my room is done :)

ValentineMarie 1 month ago

Hurry down the chimney, Santa baby c;

ChelseaMarie 1 month ago

doneeeee <3

koi 1 month ago

can't wait for u to visit.... thank u santa <3

Hun 1 month ago

Done! Merry Christmas everyone

rare 1 month ago


cutie 1 month ago

ily santa<3

oliver 1 month ago

North Bobba

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You're much welcome fake santa...


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