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What's behind today's advent door?!

This year we'll be hosting a daily 'advent article' in which Habboon users will have the chance to contribute daily to earning 'advent points' which will be backlogged by us. We'll share the link to the leaderboard sheet in next week's article so that you can see who's leading up. The top 10 users at the end of the month will receive a Christmas jackpot, courtesy of Habboon's finest bachelors.

Today's comment prize will be the fox suit - a Discord Nitro boost exclusive gift from summer 2019, revealed to the winner on Christmas Day. All you have to do to enter is comment appropriately for the following theme:

What staff member would you like to thank for their service (present or no longer staff) for their service to Habboon this decade? If you want, tell us why! We love hearing about your Habboon stories.

If you have any questions regarding the article, feel free to join the Habboon discord (found in account settings/on the main page) and ask in the support channel for any assistance.

We'll be revealing the 'top 10' prizes over the next few weeks, some which are EXCLUSIVE to this article and won't be earned through any other methods. We look forward to spending Christmas with you!

Happy Holidays,

Habboon Management.

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5-MeO-DMT 4 weeks ago

staff bren for being a nonce

loltfisthis 1 month ago


Aperture 1 month ago

tree and MOD-Remington were the best staff of all time. They hosted so many good events and brought lots of people together. Sledmore also deserves so much recognition for what he has done for Habboon.

Worstnightmare 1 month ago

eggyolk, bussy, two, amy best staff hands d0wn (and pespidoge when he owned teen titans)

loltfisthis 1 month ago


Bard 1 month ago

Thank you lindsay for always being happy to reach out to SWRP!

Junzer 1 month ago

I would like to thank mod-cotton for being very kind

bogan 1 month ago

i would like to thank both paddy and mitch, they are very kind and always willing to help <3 also the ROTW articles have really stepped up since paddy has been running them, hes doing amazing

meg 1 month ago

i miss mod-madi

chibi 1 month ago

alright, this might sound bias but i'm thankful for elisa; goofy, kind and very chill. C; yeah my favorite creative, filipina. Bussy; baba marry me you big hearted fuck!

1-800-cherries 1 month ago

I would like to thanks everyone! Stay peace!!

cute 1 month ago

mod pastaluv, mod saturn and mod desiree.

mulletlovinhomo 1 month ago

Bren ..... <3

auryn 1 month ago

el, jules and niks always had the best events

alayna 1 month ago

annabelle! she's always been so nice and helpful! one time my computer messed up while i was doing a maze and i thought i'd have to redo aaaaall the levels again but i explained my situation to her and she brought me back to the level i was on :)

Paddy 1 month ago

I'd like to thank niks - maybe we'll be lucky enough to see her return one day!

Distressed 1 month ago

Eggyolk and Bussy because they're kind and take the time to know people :)

Spenny 1 month ago

I would like to thank Eggyolk, Bussy and Lauren (when she was a mod, user smol now) because theyve always been so kind to me and never have ever judged me and actually genuinely got to know me as a person :)

doll 1 month ago

past staff lauren for being my fwend and current staff bussy and eggyolk for being my fwend uwu

notky 1 month ago

All the staffs prolly.

Dalax 1 month ago

The ex staff Pro he's been an awesome friend of mine who've helped me thru casino at stuff basics way back then.

fiend 1 month ago

My lil mahal Cotton... I don't know what I'd do without her <3

horror 1 month ago


kita 1 month ago

I would like to thank Eggyolk, because shes just a generally lovely person and an all round good egg. :)

ValentineMarie 1 month ago

Tonta, because she helped me a couple of times with the floor planner. She also gave me my room ad rights so <3

DabTooka 1 month ago

I would like to thank Mitch, Pespidoge, or ash for being generous with the snowflake drops and for hosting a lot of fun events :)

ChelseaMarie 1 month ago

Bussy has been unbelievably amazing. Super helpful when i was trying to host my first event, very encouraging and supportive. If it wasn't for him and his patience, i wouldn't even consider doing it again. Thanks Bussy! <3

TrueReligions 1 month ago

I wanna thank eggyolk for banning scammers for me, keeps the community clean and eco kinda alive!

lily 1 month ago


daggerdick 1 month ago

annabelle because she gave me my two favourite badges, the sharingan and the rinnegan <3

eggyolk 1 month ago

I'd like to thank mod steve for his service!

sand 1 month ago

annabelle for helping me get my account back and leading me in the right direction when it was banned by accident and bussy for being social, responsive and helpful

devi 1 month ago

I'd like to thank Annabelle, Tonta, Peach, Amy, and Cuddle for being my mothers when I joined staff team!! I also wanna thank Desiree and Jessica for bein the bestest friends I could get with my tmod batch even tho Desiree SUC!!!! >:(

libby 1 month ago

My lovely niks. she is the best staff to have walked habboon.pw and it is such a shame she is gone. i loved her gorj building skills and she were sohelpful :(

bunny 1 month ago

P. he is such a lovely, helpful individual who truly enjoyed assisting users with any issues--personal or hotel-related.

Lineart 1 month ago

I would love to thank Bussy, he's so responsive and useful.

koi 1 month ago

i would have to say bussy because he was there for me when i first hosted events and helped out a lot and is also just really sweet!!!

mil 1 month ago

mod-six <3 she was a fab mod who sved a lot and she is so cute

haven 1 month ago

mod-png for teaching me a lot about wiring and building :> !

Wired 1 month ago

i wanna thank amy she cybered with me

Tarasque 1 month ago

cotton, under-rated but nice asf

Bussy 1 month ago

I'd have to thank P and Devi!! My two predecessors who helped raise me as a mod in late night boon hours!! (Also thank you all for the comments, it made me feel so warm <3)

a_a 1 month ago

Cotton because she's the kindest user and deserves all the kindness in the world because she tries to stand up for the under-dog <3

villain 1 month ago

I wanna thank Canadian for being friendly, functional, and overall discreet. He also likes Winona Ryder and shes queen <3.

boo 1 month ago

mod-eli was an absolute gem, i remember her being the kindest staff to ever help me w/ anything.

sarahney 1 month ago

dlan bc he's a bad bitch

June 1 month ago

cotton cause she's my crush <3 <3 <3

des; 1 month ago

i want to thank Bussy!! he's my favourite staff, he's so kind!! <3 <3

Weed 1 month ago

id like to thank all the staff for fucking the snowflake shop this rotation

Anxi3ty 1 month ago

All staff are amazing, but I would like to thank Bussy, he's just a all round nice person & helps people when needed <3 :)

Regina 1 month ago

i'd like to thank users niks, eggyolk, and bussy for their compassionate work. literal angels

ghosty 1 month ago

i wanna thank niks for being a literal legend and beg her 2 come back... also eli and saturn - they're baby

Kelci 1 month ago

I know I said Bussy, but I think all the staff are great in their own ways tbh <3

two 1 month ago

not me im a cunt

bel 1 month ago

eggyolk > she the only one without an attitude fr...........

emy 1 month ago

I'd love to thank ex staff Noellys for helping me whenever I needed. She was such a kind soul! We had even met at panera bread one time, it's crazy how close some people can be to you!!

des 1 month ago

thank mitch for sending me cute pics of his cats even tho he befriended me just to be an afk police :~)

asai 1 month ago

Which staff I'd like to thank? Hmm, I guess annabelle. They've been more than helpful and friendly towards me any time I've had any issues with anything. ^^

oliver 1 month ago

I would like to thank my good friend Moderator P for his service to the staff team. He carried the rest of you fuckers on his back for months and DOESN'T get the credit he deserves so fuck yall

Em 1 month ago

Its a Merry Christmas to eggnog / egg yolk, i love jess shes 100%

ezekiel 1 month ago

would like to thank eggyolk, devi, two, desiree, tonta, elisa, annabelle and cotton for being such great people and being so easy to communicate with whenever i need help or have questions that need to be answered.

poodle 1 month ago

user bussy because oml he's such an amazing staff and has always helped me in any situation

cutie 1 month ago

I would like to thank Bussy for being awesome and always checking PMs for my dumb questions <3.

lewd 1 month ago

mod lord - bit useless and didnt sv but at least he was never afk

326 1 month ago

I would like to thank eggyolk and mitch as they have been very supportive of my venture to launch Connect - joining the Discord server before most other people!

Fenn 1 month ago

Id like to thank Bussy and eggyolk for being wonderful hardworking staff members and good friends of mine xo

Jin 1 month ago

mod-promise, i hate him

josey 1 month ago

Paddy & cotton!!! they're both so sweet and very helpful :')

Kelci 1 month ago

I would like to thank Bussy, because he's such a sweetie and he's always really friendly with everyone :)

mop 1 month ago

Mods: Mitch, annabelle and bussy! Usually active and helped me in the situation of something like a scam or other related issues!

Blurpy 1 month ago

Bussy, he seems active, nice and helpful.

fiyx 1 month ago

P, he replied quickly when in need and help me with boon quest

Andrei 1 month ago

I would like to thank staff iu for being the best boyfriend ever. I love you so much babe!

tina 1 month ago

desiree bb shes super kind to everyone, she left me a good impression shes also has patience and i really like that! we should have more staffs like desiree </3

cekelat 1 month ago

Cee! because she's the sweetest and helpful mod ever in habboon hotel.

pops 1 month ago

cee, because she gave lots of love and cuteness during her time as a staff member.

iu 1 month ago

I miss cee and all her lovely work! The PH staff fam liek Lory, Gab, John and Pat as well ; - ; just a good ass throwback

Lisha 1 month ago

Amy, because she sometimes goes beyond to help out users when she could, when sought after for help. Thanks from the ex casino community, detective Amy

subject 1 month ago

two cus he successfully stopped me from evading every single time. still h8 the noob tho

derrick 1 month ago

Cee for because of her being the sweet, thoughtful and helpful mod has been for the users around boon!!

Lili 1 month ago

iu and Paddy helped me with the maze and were very sweet!! and mitch helped me clear some doubts i had on the article. annabelle is usually helpful too!! So, thanks guys for all the help :)

Plague 1 month ago

annabelle! when me and my friend got our accounts taken by another user she was quick to come help us get them back, though it wasn't possible to get everything back, sadly

Sleepy 1 month ago

Annabelle because she's been more helpful than anyone, in the past whenever I've needed her she's always spawned in my room and sorted the situation out (or my own problems) Hands down.

Devourment 1 month ago

I would like to thank to user Scammer for being a good friend and motivate me to stay on the hotel.

syh 1 month ago

Bussy. No doubt. He's been super active and always responds to messages. Even if he's busy, he takes the time to let you know that he's busy. Instead of just ignoring you. Like... most staff.

Zid 1 month ago

desiree bc she sorted out my name change thx sis

katie 1 month ago

eggyolk because she is always super friendly and happy to help out whenever needed :)

Boris_Johnson 1 month ago

I want to thank the good people who voted Tory, suck it Labour losers.

Bitblit 1 month ago

I'm a dirty furry

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staff bren for being a nonce


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