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Happy December, Habbooners!

It’s that time of year to cozy up by the fire side, brew up a cup of hot cocoa and get to grinding on December 2019's Habboon Events (brought to you by Santa’s Little [Staff Seasonal Planners] Helpers!). Buckle up, hold onto your reindeer, and get ready for a bumpy sleigh ride!

Beginning 13 December 2019 our staff team will be hosting a Christmas Carnival! Gather up 20 of your friends and queue up at the [CC] ENTRANCE” (owner:cuddle) room when the event is alerted! Survive and be the last player standing to win the carnival. Winner(s) of the Christmas Carnival will earn themselves an exclusive Christmas Carnival badge, snowflakes to spend in the snowflake catalogue, and GOTW points! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some hidden badges throughout the course!

Starting from this article, users will get a chance to win double GOTW points at staff hosted events and six exclusive Staff Event badges. Badges will be distributed depending on which staff member is hosting. All eligible events will be hosted in iu’s Christmas Event Room

LMS this year will be hosted on 20th of December, 2019.

The LMS will start in 2 timezones.

The first LMS will start at 6pm, 20th of December in the UK.

The second LMS will start at 6pm, 20th of December in the US (Chicago Time)

and the final LMS will start at 6pm 21st of December in Australia (Sydney Time)

AUS LMS has been cancelled.

Prizes will be displayed in the room, all participants will receive an exclusive badge,

and winners will also receive an exclusive badge.
XMAS LMS 2019 LMS Winner

Last but most certainly not least, our December festivities will end in a Christmas Ball! Find a cute date and dress warmly for this year’s Winter Wonderland Ball. Join us for games, competitions, music (hosted by Radio Staff) and giveaways!Join us here on 23 December starting at 9 PM GMT. The ball will last all day so long as we've got participants!

We hope to see you around during this year’s December festivities! Keep your eyes peeled for more fun events hosted by our wonderful Habboon Staff Team.

Happy Holidays and kind regards,

Habboon Staff

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islandgirl 3 weeks ago

@cuddle I know the event under the German term "Nachtschwärmerei" (=night owls), thanks for explaining :)

meg 4 weeks ago

why was aus lms cancelled

notky 4 weeks ago

rip long scarf

cuddle 1 month ago

Good question @islandgirl LMS is Last Man Standing. Hotel-wide game that we are hosting to see who can last the longest online before they leave for a grand prize!

islandgirl 1 month ago

what is "lms"?

loltfisthis 1 month ago


ezekiel 1 month ago

cant wait to join lms shit drunk again

Blurpy 1 month ago

Goodluck to all who will participate.

meg 1 month ago


JamalWashington 1 month ago

Suck me bro. SUCK ME

Rizo 1 month ago

Can't wait for this awesome events :D

hossbrookshero 1 month ago

yay so excited

Kelci 1 month ago

Oh wow, I can’t wait for the Christmas ball. Everyone is gonna look amazing in their ball outfits <3

Mitch 1 month ago


iu 1 month ago


cuddle 1 month ago

HEHE Merry Christmas :')

cotton 1 month ago


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@cuddle I know the event under...

why was aus lms cancelled

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