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Hello Habbooners!

It’s that time of year again for the annual Habboon Awards!

For those of you who don’t know what this event is, here is a brief summary of what is entailed. Throughout the month of January, there will be three rounds of voting where everyone will have the chance to nominate users and staff in their best suited categories.

Due note that it’s completely your choice for who you want to nominate, but we recommend choosing different users/staff for every category to give more people the chance at winning!

For round one, you are free to enter any user/staff that you choose for each category that you believe suits them best! Click the vote button below to submit the round one nominations.

Then in round two, you will get to see the top five most-voted people for each category listed and you will have to decide whom you choose to nominate between them. This will be released on Thursday, January 16th in another post.

Finally, in round three, you will get to pick between the top three most-voted from the previous round for the final nominations before the award show. This will be released on Thursday, January 23rd in another post.

The winners of round three will be announced at the Habboon Award Show which will be happening on Saturday, February 1st at 4:00 PM MST, 10:00 PM GMT, and 6:00 PM EST.

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marhi 1 week ago

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Jackcool 1 week ago

VOTE 4 ME!!!!

Kelci 1 week ago

Do we get to dress up all posh and everything for the awards event <3

meg 1 week ago

wow yes nice

AAAA!!!AAS1S111 2 weeks ago

man I am so moist rn

HugoMilano 2 weeks ago

vote DylanFowler for catfish. He had lots of accs and he troll

two 2 weeks ago

just vote me. who cares.

Wout 2 weeks ago

hope no one deletes the votes this year xxx

and 2 weeks ago

vote ur nan if shes still alive

iu 2 weeks ago

may the best user win for this year's awards!!!

Kechies 2 weeks ago

Interesting questions ;3

libby 2 weeks ago

Agreed oliver.

oliver 2 weeks ago

So many begs in the comments

326 2 weeks ago

I've heard Connect is the best agency around ;)

Leonardo 2 weeks ago

Vote for me for best ban evader of 2019 :)

Anoma 2 weeks ago

vote me for cool female user <3

sarahney 2 weeks ago

i would've put on a nicer outfit smh

Kelci 2 weeks ago

This looks interesting :)

bogan 2 weeks ago

if kiligs and i arent cutest couple then whats the point

GALL0W 2 weeks ago

Vote Me Best Dressed :)

cutie 2 weeks ago

vote me cutest female user x

665 2 weeks ago

cool vote for me im 667 btw first .

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Fuck he right in the pussy

sug kuk era horor

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