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( A big thanks to linds, png & lily for these lovely graphics! )

Welcome to Boon Adventures with your hosts: linds, Paddy, and iu!


This is a monthly article based on various event-related games, including but not limited to:


mazes • wired games • board games • mind games • escape rooms • competitions


Some of these games are designed to test your wit, your patience, and your problem-solving skills, where others are competitive and fun for everyone!


On the 1st of every month, a new game or event will be up for you lucky Booners to participate in to challenge yourselves and win some nifty things! Keep on reading to see what January has in store!

Are you a big fan of the Disney Princesses? How about the pirates and supervillains? Well, we have them both ready for you to experience and enjoy a new journey with brand new challenges!


The World of Disney Mazes, opening January 6th, is an event consisting of various themes from selected Disney related events that we have prepared!


Aladdin’s Marketplace Caper

Help Aladdin and Jasmine collect what they need from the Markets of Agrabah to assist them in defeating Jafar! There are opportunities to collect 2 different badges in this room.

Find "[BA] Aladdin’s Marketplace Caper" in the navigator under featured rooms.

Captain Hook’s Pirate Trick

Something's fishy going inside the abandoned ship! Run across the Jolly Roger and find your away inside and out! Escape booby traps and prepare yourself for what Captain Hook has prepared and see what he's up to!

Find "[BA] Pirate Ship Entrance" in the navigator under featured rooms to begin. The ship will open on the 10th of January.

Lost in Wonderland Hunt

You find yourself lost within the places of wonderland. Little did you know

are treats hidden from plain sight! Collect all the limited badges and enjoy your trip around wonderland!


Search "iu" in the navigator and find "[BA] Wonder Forest Entrance".

The forest will open on the 6th of January.

Once you have collected all the badges, take a screenshot of all fairy badges and earn the Godmother badge!

Click here to submit!

Disney Telephrase Maze

One maze will be Disney based and the other maze will be on Disney villains! Are you ready to embark on this maze of questions?


Search "linds" in the navigator and find "[BA] Disney Maze" and then search "Paddy" in the navigator and find "[BA] Disney Villains Trivia Maze"

The maze will open on the 6th of January.

 Underwater Events

Aside from the variety of events that we have prepared, we will also be hosting mixed events for the month under a special-themed room where you can win an exclusive badge!

Toy Story Trek

Oh no! The gang is lost again! Help them get back to the Bonnie and the RV before they are lost forever.

If you experience any maze game issues, feel free to contact one of our articles hosts in-game or via Discord.

iu#4599 • lindsay#0001 • Paddy#1154

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Im going to message you all on discord.

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These badges are so cute <3

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Im going to message you all on...

These badges are so cute <3

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