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The following is not set in stone, but an ideal plan. Please make sure to read it all before commenting! Thanks.


An article about the economy? This means only one thing: the economy, trading, and casino communities are being focused on again! This is a boring read so feel free to skim.

Before the small details about our plans for this year, let's take a look at 2019. Last year we started weekly rare releases (for the most part) back in summer. It's interesting to see what rares sell alongside their given value, and what rares don't. Without giving out a total sold, as we prefer the value to be about demand rather than numbers, the best-selling rare was the Rainbow Parasol (when comparing it to the price, this doesn't mean it sold the most).

The worst selling rare was the Stone Knight. This is interesting because it tells us what type of rares people are after and what is desired, but also what could ideally become a lower quantity rare in the future. The entire point of a rare release is to release it for a limited time so that when it is never sold again, the value goes up with demand. 

However, this sort of counter-acts the next part, but there is justifications for it. For the first quarter of 2020, we're going to trial rare-releases (starting Jan 11), as there are a ton of rares from the 2015-2017 era which are no longer in trade due to the accounts being inactive/the users no longer playing as much as they should.

This allows us to shift focus to the current community, who are currently trying their best to start trades and bets. So, there's currently a draft rare release schedule at the moment featuring new releases (classic rare variants) and re-releases (won't spoil any, but Club Sofa is on there!) However, this is a draft - it would be interesting to know what rare re-release you would want to see and why. So click HERE to submit your suggestions.

Valuing is tricky, however. Referring to throne value was the first resort but then also having to have it lower than throne value, otherwise what's the point? However, to compensate for the lower credit pricing - duckets are used. This stops inflation and keeps a steady flow of rares into the total existing.

They're other plans to help with rares, casinos and trade. They'll be detailed in the future though. It's a new start to the year, so a "soft reboot" without removing any rares is an ideal method. However, do expect a throne re-release (credits) and diamond store changes to help users gain thrones for trade. 

That is all for now, thanks for reading. Feel free to leave feedback in comments below.

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meg 10 months ago

damn it loltfisthis

Verna 10 months ago

Agencies should be supported also, since they're also helping in the cycle of the economy on Habboon

Cupcake 10 months ago

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hus 10 months ago

Lovely explanations

Doha 10 months ago

devi 10 months ago

can someone please let me know how long I should soft boil an egg for

pespidoge 10 months ago

There is no actual "reset" process. It was a term used for the process of approaching the economy. No actual reset will be happening on the hotel or to any accounts.

WillWonka 10 months ago

will soft reset, reset all my rooms?!!!!

Em 10 months ago


suspect 10 months ago

keen to see what 2020 brings!

gucci 10 months ago

lets goooo

Zid 10 months ago

I find this article super cool

jan 10 months ago

Thank you for hearing us out, hopefully the new players can indulge the trading experience in habboon

devi 10 months ago

How long should I boil an egg for?

Worstnightmare 10 months ago

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ez 10 months ago


two 10 months ago

We love mode bars.

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damn it loltfisthis

Agencies should be supported a...

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