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Hi all,

This article is just a quick update to a few small changes that will be the start of hopefully more long-term changes to help improve the staff-supervised events and maintain user interest in them. All changes we make are always possible to be reverted in the future if we feel like they didn't work or a different change is the better route for us. 

No more Double GOTW week-ends.
Originally the concept of double point week-ends was to let players who are unable to play in the weekdays have the ability to catch up and possibly place in GOTW. For the first few weeks, this worked. But that was because of the "smaller" GOTW community we were at back then. The hotel has experienced growth again in the events community over which leads to double points allowing users to just maintain a larger lead, rather than a catch up mechanic. 

We will be re-visiting double points in different ways in the future to allow a more interesting concept of them (or an entire different points system altogether. But for now, these will be stopping).

Changes to Hosting GOTW Points.
Before today's change, hosts were capable of getting 2 GOTW points for 30 minutes of hosting per point. However, this can sometimes lead to hastily put-together events and rushed hosting. So we'll be making changes to the way that hosts earn GOTW points. 

Hosts now must reward at least three rare prizes to be rewarded ONE GOTW point (must also hit 30 minutes). You must declare before beginning a game that the prize will be a rare (so you can't decide at the end of the game). The second GOTW point will be rewarded if the supervisor believes your events were high quality and no problems occurred. 

Striking System.
This is more for staff attention but it's good to let users know the page we're on too. You will see a more lenient side of striking moving forward (officially). Strikes will be given out for negative host behavior, rejecting staff advice/help to continue bad events, and purposely trolling the EHA system/events and refusing to continue hosting before 30 minutes without a sufficient reason. 

Broken WIRED is fine, as long as you can move on and recover well from it. If you genuinely make mistakes in your hosting and never intentionally, don't worry too much. However, it is still down to supervisor/staff discretion.

Anyway, that's all for now. There'll be more changes in the oncoming weeks to hopefully make Gamer of the Week a more community-vibe part of the hotel and a healthier user space. Maintaining it's competitive nature but it's social aspects too - without too much toxicity.

- Habboon Management

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326 7 months ago

Interested to see what affect this has on events, thanks for keeping us informed!

meg 7 months ago

much needed

Nature 7 months ago

nice nice indeed

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