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Fresh outside of winter, the hotel can always feel a little emptier with less to do as we've closed off the Snowflakes system. However, that shouldn't mean that you should be standing around waiting for something to happen!

We're wide aware that they're some great builders on Habboon and some wired geniuses. So because of that, we're seeking some high quality auto-games in which users can play any time of the day and never experience problems with doing so. 

All auto-games that are certified will be transferred over to the Habboon account and placed into a rotation of games that are accessible via the Game Hub every fortnight or so. These games will have an exclusive badge to win and also some other neat goodies to win.

What's even more fun, for your creative juices, is that you can design your own badge for your games too! (As long as they hit our quality check and look good!) And if you're not good with that, I'm sure we'll get some Badge of the Week entries to help you. 

All auto-games must be high quality and have high replay value. Similar to the 'Beat the Unicorn' game that we used to host. There isn't any 'set-date' to submit rooms, just simply contact pespidoge in-client if you ever think you have a good game for it. All games that are seen as fit and transferred might even earn you a nifty trophy and badge.

Any questions? Feel free to ask in the comments or on client (just send a friend request!). 

- Habboon Management

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326 6 days ago

Wooo, excited to see what rooms get added!

Thwackey 1 week ago

That's so cool!

meg 1 week ago


sarahney 1 week ago

it's corben's time to shine yall

lewd 1 week ago

oooooh cool

iu 1 week ago

woooooooo more fun fun fun

sydney 1 week ago

was this made for corben

jono 1 week ago


gluttony 1 week ago

oooooh HECK YEAH

ok 1 week ago

yes very interest

Corben 1 week ago

Eek! I will submit mine.

emz 1 week ago

corbens gonna be good at this

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Wooo, excited to see what room...

That's so cool!

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