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Calling all Habboon paparazzi! We need your help with capturing the essence of the community spirit within casinos and rare trade on the hotel. These photos will be used in the future for social media posting, public room decorating and just as a memento of photos. 

So, what exactly do you need to take a picture of? Nothing complex really. It just has to be community related within a casino, rare storage room or trade palace! Simply hanging out with friends in the casino, betting or, if you want, get more creative and surprise us. 

How do you enter? Simply take the photo, edit it up and publish it to web - using the IN-GAME CAMERA (found beside your avatar in the bottom left of the game client)! Once submit to the web, return to the comments and leave a time and date of a submitted photo of your choice. You get to leave up to 3 submission comments! So be careful with what pictures you submit.

Comment format should be DATE - TIME (TIMEZONE), such as: "17th Feb - 18:15PM (GMT)".or "17th Feb - 12:22 (EST)" for each submission.

You can take your time with these submissions, as the deadline date will be 24th February 2020! 

The top 5 photos selected will win a golden dice set (x5 golden dices) each! Great for decorating your casino/rare room or selling them in one of the popular trade rooms! 

Please make sure to turn flash off so you don't blind the hotel! 



Comments (24)

Dallz 7 months ago

2/24 - 5:44am (EST/USA) Sorry for the last second submission. Thanks for hosting the competition!!

meg 7 months ago

24th Feb - 20:03 (GMT+10)

Blurpy 7 months ago

24th Feb - 09:14AM (UTC +8)

villain 7 months ago

23rd Feb - 7:30 PM (UTC-4)

haven 7 months ago

23rd Feb - 05:56 PM (GMT)

boop 7 months ago

24 feb - 1:02am gmt+10

brayden 7 months ago

23rd feb - 12:13 pm (GMT)

emz 7 months ago

22nd feb - 16:11 (GMT)

Caitey 8 months ago

19th Feb - 16:15 (EST)

sarahney 8 months ago

19th Feb - 21:10 (GMT)

gl 8 months ago

19th Feb - 2:38PM (EST)

Shydood 8 months ago

19th Feb - 2:02 PM (GMT)

Wired 8 months ago

18 Feb - 7:58 PM (EST)

Akatsuki 8 months ago

19th Feb - 12:39 AM (GMT)

BichTheKid 8 months ago

cool dope nice

Akatsuki 8 months ago

Do I just auto-win with the article feature lol

Zid 8 months ago

18th Feb 05:38am GMT

jan 8 months ago

Feb 17 2020- 1:51 am (GMT)

Zid 8 months ago

18th Feb - around 00:30am GMT 18th feb - 01:32am GMT

jan 8 months ago

FEBRUARY 17TH 2019 - (1:30 am GMT )

tatiana 8 months ago

wow epic cool gamer

brayden 8 months ago

cool! cant wait to win a dice set!

slipknot 8 months ago

radical man

meg 8 months ago

nice cool groovy

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2/24 - 5:44am (EST/USA) Sor...

24th Feb - 20:03 (GMT+10)

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