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Community Spotlight!

Habboon is a strange place full of awesome people! There is a ton of different communities that love to log in and use the hotel to roleplay, play games, host events and meet new people! This article is used to highlight members and community of the hotel.

Fun Games!

Until the other day, I didn't know this existed and I'm sure a lot of other people don't. User Kay has made a great wired maze which requires 14 players (which means it'll be hard to get started, but it might be hotel alerted through the week at one point) which is dubbed "ESCAPE" and is described as "impossible" by Kay herself.

If you manage to find a group of 14 to start it with, give it a try and post proof of completion and you'll win something special. Will be awesome to see how far people can get.


Ever found yourself wanting to join a roleplay community that's welcoming and a great starting point before joining more roleplays? You definitely need to check out [MYTH] owned by Tifspec then. One of the nicest roleplay owners to join the hotel and definitely creates a welcoming atmosphere for such a great roleplay!

To join, simply find the main room which can be found by searching either owner:Tifspec or [MYTH] - Main Room and learn how to create your character so that you can get right into roleplaying! Tons of races, settings and unique storylines await you here.

Great hosting!

Events are always one of the most fun things to do on the hotel and a user that keeps events going at times, even in low-maintenance hours, is user Aviho. Glad to see him still provide events despite the turn-out, whether high or low, and deliver high quality events. We'll have to consider adding a badge or a prize if we continue this host spotlight each week - let's see.

Secret Badge...?

For those that have made it to the end of the article, there's a secret badge awaiting you. Starting 24 hours from this article being posted (22:30 GMT Monday), if you say "Habboon is love, Habboon is life", you'll be able to earn a special limited time badge. It will rotate every few hours to a new public room (or when I remember) and will only be available until Friday! 

Thanks for reading this week's community spotlight, much love.


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devi 7 months ago

Good job Cokeidoge.

boop 7 months ago

sooooooooooooooooo cool

cuddle 7 months ago

lily is coolest

Clutch 7 months ago

Great read.

meg 7 months ago

cool nice groovy

lily 7 months ago

pespidoge is so cool haha

326 7 months ago

There's so many aspects of this community that are amazing.. love this article!

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Good job Cokeidoge.

sooooooooooooooooo cool

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