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thanks linds for the cute gfx!

Welcome to Room Of The Week!

Brought to you by linds and lily!

Room of the Week or commonly known as ROTW, is a weekly article contest where you get to create a room based on what the theme of the week is. It’s an exciting way to show off your talented building skills as well as win a variety of prizes (which will be announced next week).


Calling all builders and badge creators!

We are seeking new users to join the Boon Builder’s to help us create masterpieces in the forms of: rooms and badges for various different events we plan on Habboon.

Being a part of the team has a few perks, the main one is being able to have the exclusive badges below corresponding with the team you are on.

If you are interested in applying, click here for the application to fill out.

The results will be out on the next Boon Adventure's article.

Thanks to all those who have submitted their rooms! 

As usual, they continuously amaze us and show us that many people are extremely creative, imaginative and able to create magnificent rooms just from the furniture in the catalogue. It makes it fun and interesting to judge!

Last week, we gave you the theme: CASTLES

Without further ado, here are the winners in order from first to third place, with honourable mentions following:

Castle Black


Mystical Witch Castle


Frankenstein’s Castle

Congratulations to the winners of this week’s challenge!

Please seek out linds or lily for the prizes on client.

A new week, a new theme! A fresh new canvas to motivate you to build!

This week’s theme is . . .


There’s so many different cultures all over the world, and we’d like to showcase them! Make your rooms as authentic as possible, from a tea ceremony to native lands to a beautiful mosque. The sky’s the limit, but present the culture for those to see!

Click here for more insight on the rules, which is highly recommended for new submitters!

For a brief description of the rules, look below:

The name of the room has to be [ROTW #_] Theme.

Make sure you have a screenshot of your room that is good quality uploaded on IMGUR.

We don’t allow the use of the following: room ads or blatantly copying rooms that already exist.

Please do not delete the room after submitting it.

 If you have placed (meaning placing first, second or third) one week, the week after you cannot place at all.

FIRST: Featured in Staff Picks on the Navigator, gold badge, finalist trophy, 75,000 credits and 300 diamonds.

SECOND: Silver badge, 50,000 credits and 250 diamonds.

THIRD: Bronze badge, 50,000 credits and 200 diamonds.

All entries must be submitted by APRIL 1ST, 11:59 A.M MST.
Results are released shortly after the submissions are closed or as soon as possible.

That's all for this week!

Congratulations to everyone who participated - you make ROTW what it is.

Good luck, have fun building and see you next week!

Feel free to comment below on future themes and suggestions!

yours truly,

linds and lily

Comments (18)

linds 6 months ago

we will be sure to re-write the article so that it's easier understood for next time! :)

lily 6 months ago

theme suggestions and whatnot,, it's much easier to discuss issues or suggestions on how the article is ran on discord or on client

kiligs 6 months ago

'Feel free to comment below on future themes and suggestions!' ok

lily 6 months ago

again, if you have any problems or suggestions contact us via discord or on client.

kiligs 6 months ago

agreed :/ @meg

meg 6 months ago

SUGGESTION: Top 3 are entered on a google poll anonymously and users vote for the winners. Seems to be a lot of disagreements.

linds 6 months ago

please don't comment if its negative. have issues? my discord is listed below, thanks.

aivohalvaus666 6 months ago

kiligs is killing it, woah!

bogan 6 months ago


meg 6 months ago

2nd place should of been 1st !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kiligs has been ROBBED

Kosem 6 months ago


kiligs 6 months ago

Wat da fuq

meg 6 months ago

nice cool groovy

linds 6 months ago

if anyone has any questions or concerns, please dm me or lily on discord!!!! (lindsay#0001) fnk u. congrats !!!!!!

Caitey 6 months ago

congrats, jesse's is amazingggg

326 6 months ago

Second place is LOVELY. Very cute!

Nature 6 months ago

kiligs easy wins wtf

clownin 6 months ago


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we will be sure to re-write th...

theme suggestions and whatnot,...

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