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Hey Habboon,

A few months ago we wrote an Economy Update article to state future changes that we'd be making to the economy to make it a more even playing field for players and beneficial for all. 

After making these changes, we've noticed that the economy has benefited for the most part. We've experienced more casinos, trading, valuing and rare sales. Which is great to see and we're glad people enjoy the changes made. 

However, it is time to start pushing more changes to benefit the economy. The following are POSSIBLE changes that you might see made over the next few weeks and will be changed around user feedback.

  • Credit Tax: Credit Tax was originally implemented due to excessive credits in the economy. However, after a year of careful rare pricing and releases it feels that we might finally be able to remove this and allow users to buy the true credit value in exchange items which will encourage more credit betting/purchasing.

  • Rare Rotation: Right now, we release two rares per week. These rares are released to benefit two sides of the hotel. One rare is based around the casino/betting community and the other is based around the user/build community. We hope to get a quicker rare rotation, or an alternative (perhaps 24 hour collectables), which allow for us to release and re-release more rares to users in the catalogue.

  • Event Rares: We made changes to event hosting and rares a few weeks ago, however, it doesn't feel it's delivering the results expected. There will be changes made to this system after a user discussion takes place in the near future.

Also, to keep users updated, we've made a few changes to the Diamond Store. The following are the changes and why: 

  • More diamond rares! If you check the diamond store, you'll see some familiar clothing items and rares. These have been added as a way for users to gain these items outside of seasonal currencies (such as snowflakes).

  • Diamond Valuing: The diamonds have been valued around current and future changes. We plan to make changes to the amount of diamonds rewarded for GOTW points and activity. Also, diamonds are now featured in Article Prizes - which means users will have more ways to earn diamonds.

As always, user feedback is important regarding the economy and the hotel. So feel free to leave feedback in the following form, with ideas or general feedback - click here.

Thanks for reading,

Habboon Management

Comments (24)

meg 7 months ago

nice cool groovy

jono 7 months ago

bring back ltds omgggg

Vanilla. 7 months ago

you should give out 1 diamond / hour like it was some years ago. also mby will get ppl to buy diamonds too, that will gain you as owner too i guess.

Maxwell 7 months ago

More organised than my countries government

326 7 months ago

Thanks for this quarterly budget statement, Chancellor pespidoge!

Carson 7 months ago

now i not only have to pay taxes in real life also in video games!

david 7 months ago

nice daddy

lily 7 months ago

thank you for your constructive criticisms and suggestions

oc 7 months ago


Su 7 months ago

Love the new updates, great work pespidoge, Keep going we love ur work!

oliver 7 months ago

can u unban me from the server so i can boooooost

pespidoge 7 months ago

UPDATE: The VIP catalogue will arrive very soon, and we're close to delivering on that.

lewd 7 months ago

can we get some actual nitro exclusive stuff though

ace 7 months ago

i agree with user Jan extra diamonds for those that paid for vip should be considered

iu 7 months ago

amazing updates!!!!

moderator 7 months ago

Very nice!

Mangelica 7 months ago

You should think of adding the ability to play YouTube videos within rooms, or at least make it a VIP3 feature; I could guarantee me and a few others would buy VIP just for that. Also, more duckets because I want to buy a caterpillar!

u___u 7 months ago

very cool! =]

brad 7 months ago

wooooo love

ezekiel 7 months ago

shut up mil thanks pespidoge

yara 7 months ago

thanks mil

Free 7 months ago

this man pespidoge cappin as always

jan 7 months ago

I think VIP users should get benefits like extra diamonds i pay to play and am a broke lad

mil 7 months ago

if u read this ur pretty

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nice cool groovy

bring back ltds omgggg

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