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Hello and welcome to Casino of The Month!

Hosted by p

Casino of the month (COTM) is an article contest where users can build Casinos to match the given theme. It has been awhile since an article dedicated to Casino building has been around and therefore we have decided to re-introduce it for our Casino/builder users. (But of-course, anyone can enter!)

This article will not be weekly, and only appear in certain months depending on our entries. The schedule will be much clearer in the upcoming article.

We hope you enjoy this new article and we look forward to what you have to offer!



-The name of your room has to be titled as [COTM #_] Theme

e.g. COTM #1 Summer

-You must take a screenshot of your room that is good quality and then upload it to IMGUR and submit the link.

-Do not copy any existing Casinos as this will result in an invalid entry.

-Make sure the Casino is relevant to the theme.

-If you wish to do so, do not delete your room until the next article.

-You may only submit one entry.



The theme this month is...

The colour blue

 astral plane kawaii gif | WiffleGif








*Click their usernames to see their builds!


The winners will receive one of the the following badges depending on what they place:



1st Place: Casino Featured, Rare from BV Storage & 250t

2nd Place:  Randomised Rare + 150t

3rd Place: Randomised Rare + 100t

Click here to enter

Please have your submissions in by the 

28th of May 23:59 (11:59pm) GMT


 A big thank you in advance to all those who decide to contribute. Good luck with your Casinos and have fun! Once again, we look forward to your entries and cannot wait to see what you come up with.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact P on client or via discord, at Harry#1234

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kiss 5 months ago

casinnoo rumblee

326 5 months ago

I'd say just because there's a month deadline, people aren't going to work on it for the whole month, more than likely a week at best, kind of like ROTW

cam 5 months ago

For these being produced over a month, They're not the best

7up 5 months ago


devil 5 months ago

woooo tara

p 5 months ago

Thanks for thee vast amount of entries.

meg 5 months ago


brayden 5 months ago

gg lol grats tara and AJ

326 5 months ago

Look at those casinos! Nice stacking and casino'ing everyone

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casinnoo rumblee

I'd say just because there's a...

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