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Re've decided to open up staff applications for the summer! You all know the drill by now, so there's no need to go into great detail about how this works. But all you need to know is that we're looking for new names to join us for the summer and creative minds that will bring great new ideas to keep the hotel entertained over a busy period.

If you think you've got what it takes to join us, feel free to apply! For any questions or concerns regarding your application, please get in touch with a fellow Habboon staff member and they'll be more than happy to help you with any questions you have. Thanks for reading.

Apply for staff by clicking here. We will be reviewing applications in the coming weeks.

Comments (22)

jono 4 months ago

bring back sarahney fr

sarahney 4 months ago

sarahney walked so steve could run. bring him back lads.

meg 4 months ago


Deniss 4 months ago

:O Good luck everyone!!

My 4 months ago

Mod-My incoming

cotton 4 months ago


iu 4 months ago

GOodluck everyoneEEEeEE

huh 4 months ago

Best of luck to everyone applying!

Crookie 4 months ago

Goodluck all also proofread the post c;

Emman 4 months ago


Sharky 4 months ago

Goodluck to the new faces in the team!

Mr.Trillion 4 months ago

that cod question tho ?

Ron 4 months ago

Good luck everyone!

jaguar 4 months ago

The writer also put "But all you need to know is", when it should be "All you need to know is..."

FieryFire 4 months ago

glgl on this new staffs incoming

brad 4 months ago

ooooooh some new faces coming !!!!!

jaguar 4 months ago

you also put Re've instead of We've

Verna 4 months ago


326 4 months ago

Good luck to everyone who applies!

jonny 4 months ago

Re've xDDDD

jaguar 4 months ago

lmao that call of duty warzone question

kwl 4 months ago


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bring back sarahney fr

sarahney walked so steve could...

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