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The past few weeks have been rather hard to keep ourselves entertained with the current world climate and the on-going global situation. So in attempts to keep the hotel entertained, we've decided to open up a bunch of our old quests from the last few years to give you a second chance at earning those badges you might have missed the first time round, and if lockdown has brought you back to Habboon after a long break, a chance to earn badges you never once attempted to earn.

For the next few days, starting Monday night, we'll be opening 2-3 quests each day. The room used for the entrances of all the quests will be linked to the Habboon Hub (over near the three bots!) and you can check out the names of each quest and decide if you want to do them or not. 

Please be warned that some of these quests are old, so we have had to skip some rooms due to them either not working or no longer existing. But we've done our best to number them appropriately. If you have any requests for any old quests, make sure to leave a comment - and we'll see what we can do through the week. 

If you experience any bugs during the quests, please make sure to use the :help call - however, if you disconnect, you will have to start the quests again. Moderators are busy during this period so it's just something that'll have to be accepted, sorry.

We'll also be featuring a fansite Quest in the hub (excluded for the next section of the article, but we still reccommend you check it out to keep yourself entertained!)

To make sure that everyone has a reason to re-visit these quests, we'll be giving out prizes to players that manage to complete all the past quests through the week! All players who manage to complete the quests will be rewarded with an exclusive badge, 500 diamonds and entry to win a Purple Ice Cream Machine (only 10 exist on the hotel!)

To enter, make sure to screenshot ALL the rooms that prompt you to take a screenshot and save them (use a tool such as snipping tool, prntscr, gyazo etc.) and then upload your images to a imgur.com album and submit it in the form linked here: https://forms.gle/eoAJgXWNF32cZDJK9

Happy questiong and thanks for reading!

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loltfisthis 3 months ago


Bank 4 months ago

Hells yeah good to see those bastards LTDs returning to eco! The way it should be! Fair for all! GL everyone

shreya 4 months ago

Ahhhh pls add greek gods quest and disney quest if possible!! Thanks! :)

Outspace 4 months ago

Sounds cool.

iu 4 months ago

Fun events! Goodluck to everybodyyyyyyyyyyyy

Kaye. 4 months ago

Wow! Thank you. Will definitely participate <3 :)

meg 4 months ago


xMarion 4 months ago

thats dope

Deniss 4 months ago


huh 4 months ago

Kinda cool, kinda funky, kinda fresh. Hope everyone (except pespidoge) has fun these next few days! Best of luck!

brad 4 months ago

just bloody exciting isn't it

cuddle 4 months ago


Michaela 4 months ago

a-maze-ing !! >:)

326 4 months ago

Can't wait to see all these ~nostalgic~ quests and hope to see you all try out our Memorial Day maze!

kiss 4 months ago

awesome thanks !

lily 4 months ago

amazing sexy cool wonderful fun

pespidoge 4 months ago

Shout out to 326 and his connect team for their maze that will also be featured in the room for Memorial Day.

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Hells yeah good to see those b...

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