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Welcome to Outfit of the Week!

Hosted by brad and doll!


Hey! Yes, you! Are you one who likes to showcase your creativity and spectacular sense of style? 

Do your outfits leave others in awe and appreciation? If you said yes, then look no further!

Welcome to a brand new edition of Outfit of the Week brought to you by brad and doll! OOTW is a weekly competition where users are given the opportunity to shine by submitting their best outfits according to each week's theme!


Thanks to the entries this week, you were all really good and it was difficult to choose! Congratulations to this weeks winners below!


Dye as Sharon Needles 


Nuggat as Kahanna Montrese


katie as Katya

Please click their usernames to view their OOTW!

This week's winner will get to choose and win the following:


1ST PLACE: 60,000 credits + a trophy + badge of their choice!

2ND PLACE: 30,000 credits + a trophy + badge of their choice!

3RD PLACE: 15,000 credits + a trophy + badge of their choice!

Find brad or doll in game to claim your prizes! 


 Let your imagination run wild and let your creative juices flow as you tackle this week's Outfit of the Week theme. Let's go back in time with this week's theme of ... HISTORICAL FIGURES!

Submit your best attempt for a chance to place in next week's article!

Take note that these rules are strictly implemented!

  • Only ONE entry is allowed per user
  • Backgrounds affecting the costumes are NOT ALLOWED 
  • Only submit outfits relating to the theme
  • DO NOT use enables in your entry - we want your outfit only
  • DO NOT plagiarize your outfit
  • Blurry and low-quality entries WILL NOT BE JUDGED
  • Try to be creative as possible and don’t forget to have fun!

If you are hateful or abusive to winners, you will be disqualified on the next OOTW article. 




Create an outfit that fits the theme on the client, screenshot it, upload it to IMGUR, and then click submit and follow on from there!


Please make sure that your avatar is on a plain room floor plan background. Examples of submission will be posted on the submission page.

Face forward in your submissions

DISCLAIMER: Do not use PRNTSCR as it doesn't allow us to save images.


Please click HERE to submit your outfit!

All entries are due by MONDAY, 1st of June, 11:59AM GMT

All strange and terrible events are welcome, but comforts we despise. - Cleopatra quote

(If you have any questions or theme suggestions, message pixiekittens#0579 or brad#3473 on Discord)



brad and doll


Comments (7)

Wednesday 4 months ago

The 3rd look of these 3 is my favourite...

326 4 months ago

Well done to the winnnnners!

kiss 4 months ago

um ahahahahahaha.... sashay away???????

meg 4 months ago

yes queensssssss

Wednesday 4 months ago

Congrats to all the winners! Here's my "Brown Cow. STUNNING!" look I entered for anyone interested: https://imgur.com/gallery/S9CUR9W

brad 4 months ago

Well done to the winners !!!

GayLord 4 months ago

Congrats to all the winners!

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The 3rd look of these 3 is my...

Well done to the winnnnners!

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