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The past few weeks have been rather hard to keep ourselves entertained with the current world climate and the on-going global situation. So in attempts to keep the hotel entertained, we've decided to open up a bunch of our old quests from the last few years to give you a second chance at earning those badges you might have missed the first time round, and if lockdown has brought you back to Habboon after a long break, a chance to earn badges you never once attempted to earn.

Due to the overwhelming participation by users in Quest Week, we're going to be extending it by another week! This also allows us to spend more time ressurecting some old quests that have been forgotten about, alongside more chances for you to get some old badges before they're gone... forever.

Old quests are constantly being found and if you remember any, make sure to comment and we'll see what we can do to restore them! (The Disney one is gone forever, stop asking! They'll be an alternative way to get the badge however - keep an eye out!)

Quest Week will run until the 7th of June, so make sure to keep taking your screenshots!

To make sure that everyone has a reason to re-visit these quests, we'll be giving out prizes to players that manage to complete all the past quests through the week! All players who manage to complete the quests will be rewarded with an exclusive badge, 500 diamonds and entry to win a Purple Ice Cream Machine (only 10 exist on the hotel!)

To enter, make sure to screenshot ALL the rooms that prompt you to take a screenshot and save them (use a tool such as snipping tool, prntscr, gyazo etc.) and then upload your images to a album and submit it in the form linked here:

Do not submit until the week is over! (June 7th, final quest will be added June 6th).

Happy questing and thanks for reading!

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meg 9 months ago


Qarina 9 months ago

harry potter quest plz!! <3

Wednesday 9 months ago

brilliant news

jules 9 months ago

rip disney

kiss 9 months ago

as long as I get my hands on the cutest badges xx

beloved 9 months ago

IM SO SAD THAT THERES A FUCKING DISNEY QUEST OUT THERE AND I CANT D O IT but also thank you for extending uwu cant wait to get frustrated at more quests <3

326 9 months ago

I LOVE Quest Week!

Brad$16128 9 months ago


shreya 9 months ago

fine!!!!!!!! ill stop asking for disney quest :( thanks

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harry potter quest plz!! <3

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