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Hey all,

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. I have lots of staff updates for you this month! So without further ado...

Staff Changes

Unfortunately, we have said goodbye to the following staff members this month:

  • two
  • peach
  • Amy
  • bird
  • cuddle

We would like to thank them for all their time at Habboon and wish them all the best of luck for the future.

On a positive note, however, we have hired six new trial moderators! These are:

  • Jus
  • katie
  • Kaye.
  • vile
  • yan.
  • nician

We have been listening to what the community have been saying, and have hired a range of moderators across different timezones. We should hopefully now see an increase in moderation and event supervision around the clock. Welcome to the team all, and best of luck on your trials!

Over the coming month, there may be further changes to the staff team in general, as well as its structure. We want to ensure we're getting the most activity we can, especially during this time.

Staff Applications Remain Open!

For now, we won't be closing staff applications. They will be kept open for anyone new that might want to apply. However, with that said, the rate of which we check staff applications will be greatly reduced. My advice to anyone who wants to send (or has sent) an application, is that this is only the first step. After your application, continue to be active around the hotel, engage with the community and also help out where you can. Even reporting rule breakers goes a long way! We get hundreds of applications each time we open them, so we need to see why you are the best candidate.

Any questions, suggestions or general feedback?

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or general feedback, you can chat with a member of staff on the client, or my Discord is always open for a chat (TomW#7954). We're always keen to hear user's suggestions for improving Habboon.

That's all from me! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see you around the hotel.

-- Tom

Comments (19)

claudia 6 months ago

finally two is gone

sarahney 6 months ago

v sad news

devi 6 months ago


peterstark04 6 months ago

hey! i just wanted to ask on how to attach an image on the forms so i could claim my hufflepuff badge? i really wanted to have the badge.

meg 6 months ago

out with da old in with da new

Joshua 6 months ago

they will be in our hearts forever @Devil

devil 6 months ago

nooo i want to cry my faves are off the team :(

devi 6 months ago

thanks for the update Tom I was on the edge of my seat waiting

joey 6 months ago

Anyone looking to apply, you can apply via this link:

kiss 6 months ago

superb! glad to see familiar faces!

Rosie 6 months ago

Congrats new mod's <3

agust 6 months ago

congrats new tmods!

Wednesday 6 months ago

Ooooh we love a switch up! Can't wait to meet the new staff members!

bInDiNgDrEaMs 6 months ago

You never reply to me..

StephHastings 6 months ago

Were can i find the staff applications x

brad 6 months ago

congrats new tmods

Invidia 6 months ago

wooooooooooooo congrats!!

alia145 6 months ago

greati wishi can be a staff :(

ab 6 months ago

hannah baker

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finally two is gone

v sad news

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