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Hello and welcome to Casino of The Month!

Hosted by p & ky

Casino of the month (COTM) is an article contest where users can build Casinos to match the given theme. It has been awhile since an article dedicated to Casino building has been around and therefore we have decided to re-introduce it for our Casino/builder users. (But of-course, anyone can enter!)

This article will not be weekly, and only appear in certain months depending on our entries. The schedule will be much clearer in the upcoming article.

We hope you enjoy this new article and we look forward to what you have to offer!


-The name of your room has to be titled as [COTM #_] Theme

e.g. COTM #1 Summer

-You must take a screenshot of your room that is good quality and then upload it to IMGUR and submit the link.

-Do not copy any existing Casinos as this will result in an invalid entry.

-Make sure the Casino is relevant to the theme.

-If you wish to do so, do not delete your room until the next article.

-You may only submit one entry.


This theme simply requires you to let your creative juices run wild enjoy have fun and good luck! 


1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place



The winners will receive one of the the following badges depending on what they place:



1st Place: Casino featured in staff picks/used for staff casino stuff for the month + Rare from the BV storage + 250T

2nd Place: Randomized rare from a prize pool + 150T

3rd Place: Randomized rare from a prize pool + 100

Click here to enter


                          Please have your submissions in by the 


1st of september 23:59 (11:59pm) GMT



A big thank you in advance to all those who decide to contribute. Good luck with your Casinos and have fun! Once again, we look forward to your entries and cannot wait to see what you come up with.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact p or ky on client or via discord, at Harry#1234 or ky#6969

Comments (39)

GayLord 16 hours ago


kiss 17 hours ago

omg dont eat me

meg 17 hours ago

i wouldnt put it past him maggie x LMAO

GayLord 19 hours ago


punk 20 hours ago

did dench go on his alt (1000) just to hype himself up....bro... good job everyone

GayLord 21 hours ago


kiss 21 hours ago

-Eating golden-

Golden 1 day ago

-Eating popcorn-

kiss 1 day ago

Say waaaah!?

GayLord 1 day ago

Omg WHAT!!!!

Wednesday 1 day ago

Neither of them, don't @ me

kiss 1 day ago

WOw, So I see we got a Katy Stan here!?

Wednesday 1 day ago

Do not trust anyone who uses Taylor Swift quotes that's all I'm sayin

kiss 1 day ago

As T-Swift said, you need to calm down!

Wednesday 1 day ago

1000, it's COTM hun x

Trevor 1 day ago

Hey User 1000, I put a lot of effort into my Casino. I take great pride in what I was able to accomplish. It seems like you have some great Ideas on what a casino should look like. I look forward to seeing your submission for COTM #8!

KidsHoarder 1 day ago

Sorry dude. You cannot call it BS just because you don't like it. Please respect all user for their effort. It was nice to see variety of casino designs in this entries rather than same symmetrical stacking casino.

1000 2 days ago

What is this BS. Why isn't anyone gonna call this BS out. how did the second and third win over dench. Dench build was a casino with STACKS. How are you gonna let someone who stacked GOLDBARS win. This is COTW and not ROTW.

Wednesday 2 days ago

Thank you guys... I have no idea what to do for freestyle just yet though!

meg 2 days ago

wow jade i love that

Trevor 2 days ago

I want to Congratulate @FieryFire for a killer casino. Also Honorable mention to the crazy and unique rooms made by @kiss and @Wednesday. Kiss and Wednesday are going to give us something special next month I just know it!

Dench 2 days ago

Than actual cinos*

kiss 2 days ago

oop september 1st

Dench 2 days ago

Here's my entry https://imgur.com/N3yVmxc Lol clearly going for ROTW with dices and actual casinos.... Anyways GG everyone

kiss 2 days ago

LMAO, when is the deadline really?

Wednesday 2 days ago

We'll find out soon according to this deadline Dylan! :D

kiss 2 days ago

omg it's golden!!

Golden 2 days ago

Congrats to all the Winner,Enjoy :)

Dylan 2 days ago

Congratulations to the people who placed! Who's gonna win next month? :D

Sharky 2 days ago

Just submitted! Good luck to all entries!

GayLord 2 days ago

omg jade THATS SO GOOD <3 <3

Wednesday 2 days ago

Well done everyone, these are all so big! Here was my attempt: https://imgur.com/gallery/3pDPuIy

kiss 2 days ago

Oh em gee, god eye detective Mich!

oliver 2 days ago

You scammed TravisScottAutoTune

Michaela 2 days ago

deadline 90 mins after posting article? yall better get building !

kiss 2 days ago

Congratulations to Trevor <3!! Check out my entry here: https://imgur.com/a/hHyw2qh

GayLord 2 days ago

Congrats to all the winners! To all the participants as well <3

meg 2 days ago


TravisScottAutoTune 2 days ago

cheers xxxxx

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omg dont eat me

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