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For those who don’t know what the Boon’s Builder Team is --- it’s a group of Habbooners who like to build, draw, wire and create. We have four main groups on the team such as:  Wired Experts, Builders, Graphic Designers, & Badge Makers

We’re officially opening up applications once again to join the team. We’re looking for fresh eyes and new faces to hop on board our talented squad.

Why join? Well, there are some perks! All of Habboon will recognize your creations and get to enjoy them with the events we create. You will create good friends within the team who are always there to help you! It’s a fun, positive environment where everyone does what they love: create. You have the opportunity to put in your ideas and even possibly organize your own events for everyone to do. You also get the nifty badges below!

We’ve also just opened up mini applications to be Boon’s Builders Staff for users where you have a lot more responsibility and say in things we organize, plus more, which you have the opportunity to become.

Want to know who’s already on the team? 

Builders & Wired Experts: punk, Michaela, iu, Caitey, Kaye., cormac, Invidia & Mike.

Graphic Designers & Badge Makers: mil & Zane.

Habboon Staff: linds, lily, cookie, tonta, annabelle, Bot, Perhapz, desiree, katie, devi, & huh. 

Think you have what it takes? Click here to apply!

Comments (11)

devil 1 month ago

rip devil may he rest in peace

kiss 1 month ago

yep, might considering signing up cause those badges are so tempting!

linds 1 month ago

what lily said @ meg (id edit the article but cannot atm) but you basically build rooms within the theme of the month & work with others on them if u want, plus theres gfx and badges designed etc

kiss 1 month ago

Gooo Wednesday!! Hooray!!

Invidia 1 month ago

like the patronus quest meg, some people just built the rooms meanwhile someone else wires for them, u basically complete eachothers work

Wednesday 1 month ago

Sent off my interest! How exciting!!

lily 1 month ago

just build a room/rooms with a game according to the theme and be on time. you can also team up with other builders/wired experts to wire the game if you don't know how

meg 1 month ago

more info of whats expected from builders team pls

kiss 1 month ago

those badges are so cute D:

Michaela 1 month ago

please come and join us i give excellent toe rubs

hus 1 month ago

wooooo :d LET'S GO TEAM

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rip devil may he rest in peace

yep, might considering signing...

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