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Our builders have been building nonstop for the last 2 months, so to give them a break and avoid a few burnouts, we’ve decided to extend the Harry Potter events until the 17th! This means that we won’t have a new theme for August, but don’t worry! We’ll definitely have a new one for September. For the rest of August, our builders have prepared something just for you! Read the details of it as well as other updates below!

A prefect at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a student who has been given extra authority and responsibilities by the Head of House and Headmaster. One male and one female student are chosen from each house in their fifth year to act as prefects. They would continue to be prefects in their sixth and seventh years until they leave school.

Thus, there are approximately six prefects per house and twenty-four prefects in the whole school at one time.

On Habboon, we are appointing 15 students from each house as prefects. Prefects will be given a prefect badge.

How to get appointed as prefect?

Prefects will be chosen within those who spread their house’s spirit. In other words, prefects will be randomly chosen amongst those who proudly wear their house’s colours and badge. 

Habboon’s Triwizard Tournament was an amazing month-long experience for both competitors and spectators! The Triwizard Tournament consisted of four tasks. One task was hosted every Sunday at 5PM BST. Users were given the chance to compete by submitting their username into a drawing. 5 lucky staff members and 5 lucky users were chosen to compete. To read more in-depth details about the tasks and get a recap of the competition visit our Triwizard Tournament website!

The winner of the Triwizard Tournament was carnage (now user punk) with a total of 64 points! Congratulations! This means that STAFF won the Triwizard Tournament! Users who voted staff in our poll to predict the Triwizard Tournament winner will be rewarded 5 house points! 

Missed out on the Triwizard Games? 

Don’t worry! The Tasks will soon be hosted for the possibility of earning house points (only for the remainder of the house cup competition) and GOTW points!

The house cup competition is still well underway!

Users are still able to earn house points through any EHA events from now until August 17th (we’ll also stop accepting responses for the sorting quest then). 

Don’t forget to play auto games in Peeve’s auto game hallway located in The Great Hall! Each win in one of the auto games gives you teamwork house points! Teamwork house points don’t count towards your user’s total house points BUT they do count towards your house’s total house points. These points are solely to boost your house up to the number one spot! 

All members of the house with the most points at the end of the month will win the exclusive House cup badge. Additionally, the top 5 members of the winning house who have scored the most points will win a special prize! Total House Points are displayed in the Great Hall for you to view.

Prize: 500 diamonds, an oversized scarf and a random rare from the prize pool!

Seven Fantastic Beasts are hidden around Habboon! Below are the beasts you must find! These beasts can be located in any public room and in ANY Harry Potter quest room that the BA team has built! Submit a photo of seven screenshots of your avatar with these fantastic beasts!

First place - 20 house points

Second place - 15 house points

Third place - 10 house points

Delve into the world of Harry Potter when you experience this 

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Interactive Read-Through!

In this interactive read-through, you will experience Harry's first steps into the wizarding world through his own point-of-view. There is much more to just reading and experiencing each room in this event. 

Each room may or may not have a required task in order for you to get through to the next scene or chapter, and don't forget to explore! There will be plenty of 'clickables', which are items or people in each room you'll be able to click on to learn more information about! 

Lose your place in the story?

There is a floo powder resuming room where you'll be able to wear the badge that you earned in the previous chapter to resume back into the beginning of the chapter you were in!


After many months of hard work, the read-through is finally finished. We apologize for the delay and thank everyone for being patient! It is a lengthy quest so we are excited for everyone to experience it! Over 100 rooms filled with magic and love!

Search the room [HPSS] Entrance (owner: cookie)

We need your feedback!

The house sorting personality quiz has sorted over 500 people this month! Since this has garnered a lot of interest, it is something that we might do again in the future or with a similar concept, but we need to know the users' opinions on this month’s events and what we could improve on for a better experience for everyone! If you have any comments, please submit them in the form below. Your answer is anonymous, so feel free to be completely honest, although hate and insults will NOT be tolerated!

Again, big thank you for the Boon’s Builder’s team for helping create these rooms & badges AND the users for participating in our events throughout the whole month!

If you are interested in joining the BB team or have any questions or suggestions, do shoot one of us a PM on discord.

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kiss 1 year ago

what form omg??

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I dont get badge after give form

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join which wolfy?

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how do i join omg

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hagrid pls stomp on my head

kiss 1 year ago

oh my gosh I wanna get stomped on too!

shreya 1 year ago

the readthrough is so much fun <3 loved being stomped on by hagrid <3

kiss 1 year ago

omg already? I really wanna finish it too!

morg 1 year ago

completed it in about 4 hours it was soo good well done

kiss 1 year ago

Yes! Love the choose your own story vibe!

cookie 1 year ago

I hope everyone enjoys the read-through!! A lot of love and hard work was put into it <3 :)

Wednesday 1 year ago

Only done 5 chapters so much but cookie i love u

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yay maggie! <3

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omg wait whay??

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nope! Still lots of fun for Potter BA till 17th!

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wait so is it finally over, im not reading all that

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user punk was robbed

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woooo lovely article <3

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please submit your feedback <3

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what form omg??

I dont get badge after give fo...

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