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Hello and welcome to Casino of The Month!

[Thanks mil for the Gfx]

Hosted by p

Casino of the month (COTM) is an article contest where users can build Casinos to match the given theme. It has been awhile since an article dedicated to Casino building has been around and therefore we have decided to re-introduce it for our Casino/builder users. (But of-course, anyone can enter!)

This article will not be weekly, and only appear in certain months depending on our entries. The schedule will be much clearer in the upcoming article.

We hope you enjoy this new article and we look forward to what you have to offer!

-The name of your room has to be titled as [COTM #_] Theme

e.g. COTM #1 Summer

-You must take a screenshot of your room that is good quality and then upload it to IMGUR and submit the link.

-Do not copy any existing Casinos as this will result in an invalid entry.

-Make sure the Casino is relevant to the theme.

-If you wish to do so, do not delete your room until the next article.

-You may only submit one entry.








I know winners are probably gonna cause some sort of controversy but with such a broad theme its hard to compare certain builds to others, the winners were all based on my personal opinion and i am sorry if you feel like the winners were "poorly placed" or someone was "missed out". Thank you for reading and supporting the article and see you next month.

The winners will receive one of the the following badges depending on what they place:


1st Place: Casino featured in staff picks/used for staff casino stuff for the month + Rare from the BV storage + 250T

2nd Place: Randomized rare from a prize pool + 150T

3rd Place: Randomized rare from a prize pool + 100

Click here to enter

Please have your submissions in by the 

1st of October 23:59 (11:59pm) GMT

A big thank you in advance to all those who decide to contribute. Good luck with your Casinos and have fun! Once again, we look forward to your entries and cannot wait to see what you come up with.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact P on client or via discord, at Harry#1234

Comments (21)

kiss 1 month ago

yas do it cam!

326 1 month ago

Making casinos looks more intriguing... I may start betting again ;)

kiss 1 month ago

me too <3!

faith 1 month ago

accepting donations thank you kisses

kiss 1 month ago

Oh okay, that's a relief !

p 1 month ago

@bank prizes werent changed. just forgot to change them on the article.

Caitey 1 month ago

Yassss magggieeeee

Bank 1 month ago

Out of curiosity, with the removal of 2nd and 3rd place holders no longer receiving any LTDs. Do we have another plan to get all those LTDs out of the vault?

Golden 1 month ago

Congrats to winner :D

kiss 1 month ago

mil said bring in the coins and gold!

hus 1 month ago


Wednesday 1 month ago

Congratulations to the winners! Love the greenery in punk's <3

dylan 1 month ago

Congrats to the top 3!

kiss 1 month ago

same can't wait for new ones xx

meg 1 month ago

i love articles

kiss 1 month ago

check my beyonce casino entry too! https://imgur.com/a/ABiSkr0

Trevor 1 month ago

Well I guess Congratulations to the three winners. https://imgur.com/a/BYV48fi Here is my casino...

kiss 1 month ago

ok thanks.

slipknot 1 month ago


meg 1 month ago


p 1 month ago

Thanks for reading and submitting. Feel free to message me on discord if you wanna talk about anything to do with the article.

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yas do it cam!

Making casinos looks more intr...

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