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thank you linds for the very cute gfx!

Welcome to Guess the Furni!
Presented to you by huh and annabelle!

Guess The Furni is a bi-weekly article where youíll get to show off just how well you know the Habboon furniture catalogue, or how determined of a seeker you are otherwise! Each week there will be two games based around the catalogue and even though you can only win one, you may enter both.

1. You must state the full name of the furni, including any punctuation that may be present. Capital letters are not required, but are appreciated.
2. To have a chance of placing, all of your answers must list both the correct furni name and section if itís required.
3. Sharing answers is not allowed and will result in disqualification from the article for that week.
4. Only one submission per person (not per account) is allowed, and only your first answer will be considered.

There will always be three unclear images of different items listed in the shop, and your goal is to identify and name each of them - along with the section they originate from.

For example: Corner Plinth, Lodge.

Furni #1

Furni #2

Furni #3

A new image of a cluttered room will be included in each article, with a grid pattern overlaid. You must find the five chosen furni within and their exact coordinates. If the item is located in more than one set of coordinates, list the one they take up the most.

Click here to see the full image.

(Furniture Name - Section of the Catalogue)

User jonny - You can find his look here!
Discarded Computer Readouts - Halloween 2018
Cluttered Shelf - Hygge
Ancient Greek Vase - Greek 2019
Snowman legs - Christmas 2011

FIRST: Rare Pool, badge, 35,000 credits and 200 diamonds

SECOND: Badge, 30,000 credits and 150 diamonds

THIRD: Badge, 25,000 credits and 150 diamonds

Click the submit button above to send in your answers! All submissions must be in by SEPTEMBER 19TH 11:59 A.M MST in order to be considered.

If you have any questions or ideas, youíre more than welcome to let us know!
alx#9548 and annabelle#0001

best regards,
huh and annabelle

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lolli 2 months ago

submitted !! can't wait :)

kiss 2 months ago

woooo got my entry in! Let's go!!

meg 2 months ago

its like crack for me dlan, cant wait for my next hit !!!

ArianaGrande 2 months ago

meg loves articles. p.s mine was better

perhapz 2 months ago

wooooo exciting!!!!

kiss 2 months ago

ya cant wait to get that magnifying angel badge

326 2 months ago

Wow an article I may actually excel at!! good luck and have fun, everyone, :D ty for hosting such a cool article huh and annabelle <3

kiss 2 months ago

oo how fun!!

Invidia 2 months ago

this is so cute omg

linds 2 months ago

lovely article :) glad jonny my husband is in it..

parasite 2 months ago

this has bring me so much joy and happiness. thank you

jonny 2 months ago

thank god im in this article because othrwise it would be a shitshow

qt 2 months ago

woo itz back!!

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submitted !! can't wait :)

woooo got my entry in! Let's g...

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