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Hey Habbooners! 

Hope everybodies making an easy transition from quarantining to now having to attend classes! There’s been some changes lately and we wanted to keep you all informed, including: staff changes, GOTW changes, and room ad changes. 

As usual, our trial moderators have taken the time to learn the ropes of being Habboon Staff. We recently just promoted them all to being Moderators:

  • port

  • hus

  • Perhapz

  • Clyp

On top of that, we’ve recently promoted some promising staff members to be a part of the newly formed Administration team:

  • annabelle

  • tonta

  • devi

  • huh

Then, another staff member to be a Community Leader:

  • linds

If you see any on client or on Discord, send them a congratulations!

As for future trial moderators (assuming we’ll get the question so I’ll pop it in here), it’s unclear when another batch will be hired. Make yourself noticeable & if you’ve applied previously, we’ll look through those in the future.

After some careful discussion, we’ve changed up some of the GOTW rules to be more accommodating for others and hopefully help out the system better. 

  1. Users that are offline are to be declined from the event hotel alert list and users that are AFK are given only one skip. If someone is skipped and alerted once, then they will be declined after if no word comes back from them

  1. All users are given a 10 minute grace period from when they are alerted to host. If they do not respond after 10 minutes, they will be skipped or declined. 

  1. If users are being rude/negative towards hosts, other players or staff in an event hotel alerted event, those users can be issued: a warning and then a one hour room ban.

  1. Player Strikes: Users who are repeat offenders getting player striked for behaviour risk their strike being carried over to the next week if their behaviour in events do not improve. If after this, the users continue with negative behaviour, an issue of an account ban can be put into place. 

  1. Players who exit during events with the intention of letting a friend win the game will be disqualified. This doesn’t mean everyone who exits during events will be DQ’d -- just the people who are actively trying to help people win events by leaving the game intentionally. An example of this is leaving during 1v1 final -- if the user wanted to leave the game, why didn’t they leave beforehand?

  1. Player strikes are now changed from 3 to 2. Users with a first strike will not be able to place in the GOTW article and users with a second strike will disallow them from participating in any event hotel alerted event. 

  1. Users who “nag” staff members or ask more than one staff member continuously to supervise their events will be given a warning if they continue to ask. They also run the risk of being removed from the list (if they are on it) which will happen if they continue after the warning.

After experiencing a lot of difficulties with room ads, we’ve gone ahead and made a room ad guide for users!

In the guide, you’ll find instructions on how to use room ads, when we accept and decline room ad rights tickets and when to know when you are abusing them.

We’ve changed it so all users can only get 20 room ads per week (unless Administration has given approval). 

Click here to check it out for yourself!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or concerns, you’re welcome to PM one of the usernames below on Discord.


Comments (15)

lily 7 months ago

i don't see where you brought up those points... i was simply responding to your comments which made me think you thought ROTW had ended

LordandSaviour 7 months ago

Tonta good admin, nice.

yah 7 months ago

thank you for ignoring my points about; a) the lack of submissions, b) quality of submissions and c) lack of incentive to submit to ROTW, and instead opting to condescend me with information I was prior aware of

kiss 7 months ago

Nice congrats and thanks for updates

lily 7 months ago

rotw is still ongoing.. just bi-weekly instead of weekly

yah 7 months ago

so sad about ROTW. used to be a really interesting read full of rooms submitted by skilled builders competing for rares worth bothering for.

neko 7 months ago

ty for the update and congrats to the those who were promoted!!

dylan 7 months ago


hus 7 months ago

woooo lets go

meg 7 months ago

@4 Lol watch ayn get account banned....... also wheres rotw and @7 we know who thats aimed at LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

php 7 months ago

Lol, wish those roomad rules would've been made earlier, as there was no clear guide to what was allowed and what wasn't.

linds 7 months ago

congrats gals :) you all deserve it!!

devi 7 months ago

I am looking forward to snuggling with my other admin ladies.

Michaela 7 months ago


aaron 7 months ago

Thanks for the updates, most of all welldone to those staff who were promoted :)

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i don't see where you brought...

Tonta good admin, nice.

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