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thanks iu for the very cute gfx!

Welcome to Room Of The Week!

Brought to you by Bot and port!

Room of the Week or commonly known as ROTW, is a weekly article contest where you get to create a room based on what the theme of the week is. It’s an exciting way to show off your talented building skills as well as win a variety of prizes.

Thanks to all those who have submitted their rooms! 

As usual, they continuously amaze us and show us that many people are extremely creative, imaginative, and able to create magnificent rooms just from the furniture in the catalogue. It makes each room fun and interesting to judge!

Last week, we gave you the theme: LANDMARKS!

Without further ado, here are the winners in order from first to third place, with honourable mentions following:


Angkor, Wat Cambodia

Alcatraz Prison


Ancient Irrigation for Syrian King

Honourable Mentions


Pont Du Gard

Congratulations to the winners of this week’s challenge!

Please seek out Bot or huh for the prizes on client.

A new week, a new theme! A fresh new canvas to motivate you to build!

This week’s theme is . . .


Cyberpunk, a subgenre of science fiction in a dystopian futuristic setting that tends to focus on a "combination of low-life and high tech." Technology can be very vague as we advance every day in age. The goal is to create something we are currently not familiar with in a dystopian futuristic setting. Good luck Habbooners and don't forget to wear your safety helmets! 

Click here for more insight on the rules, which is highly recommended for new submitters!

For a brief description of the rules, look below:

The name of the room has to be [ROTW #_] Theme.

Make sure you have a screenshot of your room that is good quality uploaded on IMGUR.

We don’t allow the use of the following: room ads or blatantly copying rooms that already exist.

Please do not delete the room after submitting it.

 If you have placed (meaning placing first, second or third) one week, the following week you cannot place at all.

FIRST: Featured in Staff Picks on the Navigator, Room Trophy, gold badge, 150,000 credits and 300 diamonds.

SECOND: Silver badge, 100,000 credits and 250 diamonds.

THIRD: Bronze badge, 50,000 credits and 200 diamonds.

All entries must be submitted by SEPTEMBER 30TH 11:59 A.M MST.
Results are released shortly after the submissions are closed or as soon as possible.

EDIT: ROTW will be extended for 24 hours due to hotel maintenance. Best of luck!

That's all for this week!

Congratulations to everyone who participated - you make ROTW what it is.

Good luck, have fun building and we’ll see you next week!

Feel free to contact us on Discord for future themes and suggestions!
Adrian#3426 and Port#0027

yours truly,

Bot and port

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Bot 3 weeks ago

ROTW will be extended for 24 hours due to hotel maintenance. Best of luck!

326 1 month ago

How people have the patience nevermind skill for ROTW blows my mind... good going everyone

iu 1 month ago

i still think combining the toolbox and trophy head is weird *cries* LETS GO BUILDERS

meg 1 month ago

lets go buildersssssssss

hanz 1 month ago

[email protected]@@@@@@

perhapz 1 month ago

looks great!!! wooo gl

dylan 1 month ago


kiss 1 month ago


linds 1 month ago

cuteeeee x

Clyp 1 month ago

Well done Bot and port!!

Bot 1 month ago


slipknot 1 month ago


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ROTW will be extended for 24 h...

How people have the patience n...

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