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Welcome to an exclusive October article, published every Saturday, where you can win exclusive Halloween prizes!

Each Saturday, a new task will be posted within the Trick or Treat article. Each task will allow you a chance to be eligible for winning prizes. Winners will be announced each week with the next article with a finalized special article being posted on the 31st October 2020!

This week's task is to find a furniture, which when stood/sat on, triggers a prize bubble after saying "Trick or treat!" on it. The furniture is hidden within a public room. When you find it, take a screenshot on it in a Halloween costume! Submit via the submission form at the bottom of the article to enter.

(P.S - Make sure to say it exactly as "Trick or treat!" otherwise it won't work! Also take a screenshot ON the furniture that is the correct one and upload it to Imgur!)

(Moon, Death and Voodoo)

In the submission form, make sure to pick a tarot card - as you may still have a chance to win a prize! One of the three tarots will be handed out as a badge. They're 6 total tarot card badges to collect (alternative methods coming soon).

This week's prizes will start smaller and get bigger as we approach the haunted holiday. Enter this week for a chance to win: 

500 diamonds, a clothing item and an exclusive badge + rare!

Click here to submit your screenshot and tarot card selection!

Good luck and thanks for entering!

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jono 1 month ago

this would be 10/10 if faith was free'd #freefaith

326 1 month ago

A spooky article for spooky times!

desiree 1 month ago


lily 1 month ago


Invidia 1 month ago

october gonna be lit

perhapz 1 month ago

exciting !!!

agust 1 month ago

this is so cool!

incensive 1 month ago

the tarot cards looking so cool oo

kiss 1 month ago


joey 1 month ago

sleek, hope I win something

linds 1 month ago

sick stuff pespidoge

devi 1 month ago

Ok nice work here

micci 1 month ago


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this would be 10/10 if faith w...

A spooky article for spooky ti...

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