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The time of LTDs have come to an end?

LTDs have been part of Habboon for a long time, allowing users to buy a limited quantity of a rare and then never reintroducing the rare ever again. It allowed users to hold a specific number within a limited quantity; such as /10, /40, /75, /100 etc.

However, as the hotel continues to operate years after these rares are sold. They begin to collect dust and make it hard for us to reintroduce them into the economy without causing any disruption. So, we've decided to retire the LTD rare system and remove the tag from all existing LTD rares on the hotel.

What does that mean for my LTD rares?

Other than the fact that it no longer has a number, pretty much nothing. However, what it does mean is we're now able to reintroduce more of these rares into the economy as prizes and rare releases. Allowing for more flow of specific items back into the economy.

Apart from users who buy LTDs for specific numbers, it shouldn't dramatically most pricing of LTDs. This change allows us to now reintroduce specific LTD rares as prizes, without fear of disrupting the global count of rare. 

We look forward to making prizes for competitions more exciting, tenfold. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to ask us in the comments or over at our Discord ( and we'll do our best to answer questions.

Comments (40)

linds 4 months ago

it will be addressed sometime! however, habbo has made a way of not using flash -- which retros will get at some point so the answer is already there. i dont believe this decision will get rid of the userbase!

villain 4 months ago

Why dont you guys address whats gonna happen after flashplayer its over, instead of getting rid of the userbase in advance lol.

linds 4 months ago

being mad is understandable but I think it'll be a good change!!! help rares circulate more & gets more people wanting to participate in the eco community (hopefully) without being intimidated by the values :) wooo thanks pespidoge

Trevor 4 months ago

This feels like selling a car because you ran out of gas and not just filling up the car.... There are so many banned Rares and LTD's to re introduce into the eco. But the move was just to get rid of LTD's completely?

Jenecomprendepas 4 months ago

Have to say as a newer player, this is a very welcome change. I understand that for the OG players, this may be disappointing. But the fact of the matter is, it's healthier for the economy overall.

ez 4 months ago

imagine that

port 4 months ago


pespidoge 4 months ago

The userbase is always in consideration and this has been a discussion in the past. A user survey would've been a quick decision also, as a user would make a quick decision when voting. Some changes are best left to management.

haven 4 months ago

it's over for all uber collectors

shaun 4 months ago

i think a survey would've been nice so the users could help decide the fate of the economy, instead of a quick decision without any of the userbase's input.

pespidoge 4 months ago

Also @ the "just add a new number every time you release a new one", it makes no sense. What's the point? Removing LTD removes the influence of specific number pricing.

3D 4 months ago

age is just a number baby.. oh i mean ltd rares are just a number baby..

pespidoge 4 months ago

Valuing around a specific number has never been the intention of the LTD system and not how valuing should ever work. Rares on both retros and .com worked better w/o LTD.

shaun 4 months ago

ur telling me i've hoarded the #1 sky dragon for years on end for fuck all ?!?!?!

villain 4 months ago

lmao this is ass, just add another number every time you release a new one lol

Tex 4 months ago

This will be exciting, this is good news :)

aaron 4 months ago

Sounds more negative than what it will be... By removing LTD numbers doesn't mean we're going to be flooded with rares being released. Prices aren't going to crash. Relax People

bbyboy 4 months ago

what a stupid idea, bye bye

shreya 4 months ago

justice for harambe

faith 4 months ago

*reads through comments*

pocky 4 months ago

blinks,, i--

crybaby 4 months ago

this is a dumb decision honestly

Bank 4 months ago

Word up daniel you tell em

daniel 4 months ago

wow these comments are shit and so is this decision

Myth 4 months ago

i never had a ltd so its fine.

Hades 4 months ago


punk 4 months ago

bye ltds hello uhhh obama

devi 4 months ago

im just here for the gossip

kyra 4 months ago

cool beans

kiss 4 months ago


chaos 4 months ago

Wonderful! ^^

Bank 4 months ago

Absolutely stupid and pointless. There are SO MANY RARES STILL unreleased and available to the public that are uploaded to the server yet not released to public. You just made EVERY OG QUIT FOR GOOD. They will never return now.

brayden 4 months ago

yikes. gg ResidentSleeper

Weed 4 months ago

cool very nice i like ducks quack

hus 4 months ago

Nice :)))))

Sharky 4 months ago

rip ltd :/ hopefully it will all be worth the while

p 4 months ago

Good work :)

joey 4 months ago

RIP LTDs, no more :(

milky 4 months ago

Ok!! Hope it will work out <3

ashlmao 4 months ago

Very inspiring. Thank you Pespi.

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