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Hey Booners,

We're running a competition over at our Discord ( with a chance to win an exclusive badge, store balance, Pumpkin Outfit, Pumpkin Backpack and Discord Nitro!

To enter the competition, you simply have to carve a pumpkin and then place your name besides it! It can be any theme, but they'll be extra brownie points for Habboon themed pumpkins out of bias. 

If you're in the Discord, please don't use the channel to talk in! It's simply there for people to submit their entries and to let users vote on which pumpkins they like by using the jack-o-lantern emoji react.

This competition will run until the end of Halloween. 

Good luck!

Comments (5)

kielx 11 months ago

why did i even comment

Cameron 11 months ago

Can't wait to see everyone's spook-tastic pumpkins!

kiss 11 months ago

oooo looordd

faith 11 months ago

goodluck everyone!!

libby 11 months ago


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why did i even comment

Can't wait to see everyone's s...

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