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(thank you to cookie for the wonderful gfx)

Hello Habbooners!

It's almost December and that calls for a celebration. As the 2020 Olympics have been postponed this year due to the current pandemic, we have partnered up with Connect and we've decided to bring them to Habboon - Mario Vs Sonic style! 

For those of you who aren't aware, Connect is an organisation that is ran by 326, mapache and Michaela on Habboon! They've dedicated a lot of their time and effort into providing a safe space (their discord server) for users to chat and be a part of a positive, welcoming community and hosting their own special events in client and off client too!

Starting the 2nd week in December (Monday 7th), there will be various events hosted throughout the hotel where you can earn points for your team to win. Here are some events to look out for but not limited to: The Floor Is Lava, Beat The Item, Avalanche, Team Isolation, Defend Your Pod and Design A Room!

But how will I know what team I will be on? You can click here to fill out the form and be assigned to a team. Once we have decided on teams, you will be given a badge which you must wear when participating in the events. This is so we can identify who is on what team!


Can I earn points in mixed events? Yes of course you can! Any hotel alerted or official connect event that is hosted, you will be able to obtain points in. 

All the usual GOTW rules apply, however, for the duration of these events, last tos will be allowed again. WOOHOO!!

There are other ways to obtain points if events aren't your thing. Over at Connect, they are hosting a competition called Character Mix-up in which you must figure out what characters are in the picture. As this is a connect discord event, you will need to be in their server to participate!

(Thank you to mil for the badges)

Even though its team based, the top 3 people who received the most points from EACH team will be rewarded for their efforts and will be given a prize and also receive an exclusive badge as seen below!

The events will run until the 31st of December and an article will be posted with the results on the following day. I wonder if you will be crowned a winner!

Once again, if you would like to sign up you can click here.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the above, please contact us in client or on discord!

(tonta#3307, annabelle#0001, 326#2306, paige x#5335 and Michaela#5556)

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ashlmao 1 month ago


maysun 1 month ago


ma. 1 month ago

nice nice now i wanna try that

kali 1 month ago


faith 1 month ago


punk 1 month ago


326 1 month ago

Be sure to head to to join our community server to participate in the upcoming Olympics competition(s)!

gentle 1 month ago

WOOOOOOOO SO FUN!!! beautiful gfx too ♥

mapache 1 month ago

I honestly think me and Annabelle look the best here...

furry 1 month ago

cant believe annabelle is the biggest connector of them all....

kiss 1 month ago

omg how fun is this!!!!

linds 1 month ago

can cookie and mil stop being so talented...

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