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Hello Habbooners!

The Mario V Sonic style events are now in full swing and we are SO happy with the response we've had so far with users participating. With that being said, it is apparent that this friendly competition has become a little bit too sour for our liking, so we feel its necessary to remind you all about the rules that must be followed when participating in our events.

To combat the negativity we've seen already, we have decided that anyone who contributes towards it may get points deducted from their teams total. This includes toxic behaviour and teaming.

As stated in the previous article, all GOTW rules and regulations are still in play for these events with the exclusion of last to's. This means that any other forms of teaming such as exiting for other users or giving other team members the answers are NOT allowed. 

If you are participating in these events it is important to be kind to all players, regardless of what team they are on. So if you are found to be encouraging toxic behaviour and/or contributing to it in any hotel alerted or official connect events, please be aware that it won't go unnoticed and your teams score could be affected.

**Please be warned that those who do not thoroughly read through this article are still liable for their actions. There will be no excuses for not abiding by the changes and warnings outlined above.**

Thank you for understanding.

- tonta, annabelle, 326, mapache and Michaela!

Comments (24)

Bank 2 months ago

Events players being toxic no way xD

mapache 2 months ago

There will always be a massive difference between friendly competition/competitiveness and just being vile to everyone whatever chance you get over teams on a pixel game... :/

beloved 2 months ago

there's always gonna be some sort of saltiness or hostility? especially between 2 teams of 60+ people, for a whole month... not fighting, just giving my opinion

morg 2 months ago

tis the season to be jolly.

beloved 2 months ago

I feel like this friendly comp was bound to get "sour" anyway? As it is, the events community is known for the "small portion" of users who make events toxic... idk man, not everyone on boon is an angel so hfduhudhufh

shreya 2 months ago

think furries vs plumbers is very deep and we should be fighting to death instead of enjoying it

faith 2 months ago

the fact that this fun thing is being turned into something nasty is a shame. shouldnt have signed up if you were gonna act childish. shoutout to whoever wins im excited to see who wins top 3 on each team WOOO #RedTeam

tonta 2 months ago

There's been reports already about certain players bullying other users and its only day 2. Kicking people from the opposition is fine but most people are aware of what is deemed toxic and what is healthy competition.

Invidia 2 months ago

just for curiosity, is this post made because of the fact that team blue kick people from team red & vice versa which is "forbidden" and "toxic" or what's the true meaning behind it, what's toxic according to you?

Michaela 2 months ago

Teams are also final once decided. There is no swapping teams, for anyone. Wanting to leave a team because you don't like someone on it when the teams are 60+ people, you don't have to be friends with them.

326 2 months ago

But at the same time, this is something fun we've put together for you to enjoy events with your friends over the xmas period. It's a shame a small majority of players have turned a fun idea into something toxic.

mapache 2 months ago

The fact this article needs to be made at all is seriously depressing. It's just a game! People need to stop talking everything so seriously, it majorly ruins the fun for others :[

326 2 months ago

Points are well raised about this being a team competition, and of course there is an element of needing to win in order to get points for your team!

ab 2 months ago


emi 2 months ago

rt gentle. what about the sabotaging<3

gentle 2 months ago

rt invidia

Invidia 2 months ago

isnt the whole thing like to team up with your team to win the competition or what

kiss 2 months ago

merry olympmas!

gentle 2 months ago

how are we gonna combat team swapping/sabotaging? <3

fantom 2 months ago

1000 points to Gryffindor.

faith 2 months ago

cool article :)

Luis 2 months ago

2nd rvtbnhj ty4thbrynht

Right 2 months ago


ab 2 months ago


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There will always be a massive...

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