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Hello fellow Habbooners!

For all of those who are interested in being Habboon staff in the new year . . . here is the article for you!

Being Habboon staff is more than just supervising events or answering tickets, it’s being a helping hand in our community! If you think you can handle that and more, then being staff is right for you. 

We’re accepting applications from anyone who wants to apply, but pre-warning, we are basing a lot of our decisions on these applications so we recommend you showcasing your professionalism, proper grammar and full sentences!

Even if you have already applied previously, it’s encouraged to write another!

We’ll also be looking at your in-client actions! If you know you’ve been warned, muted and banned for things -- you might not be the ideal candidate! If you’re interested, we recommend putting on your best face from this point on.

We will also be holding quick fire interviews on client a few times at random times throughout the next few weeks at different time zones to accommodate everyone before making decisions.

Click here if you want to submit an application!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message one of the discord users below!


Comments (18)

LordandSaviour 2 months ago

My application won't submit, this is clearly a fix.

Harvoar 2 months ago

Good luck peeps :)

duh 2 months ago

I highly nominate user Natalie uwu

.Steve. 2 months ago

Goodluck all!

gentle 2 months ago

good luck to everyone. can't wait to see new staff !!!

aaron 2 months ago

Goodluck slaves <3

faith 2 months ago

can't wait to see this rounds trial mods :)

maysun 2 months ago

good luck everyone ! also devi what happened to your last husband.. user laughoutloudthefuckisthis ?

hus 2 months ago

hope u find him soon devi !!!!

devi 2 months ago

im looking for a husband as well

koi 2 months ago

if rosielovelush doesn't become staff i quit

kiss 2 months ago

wow cool good luck

Michaela 2 months ago

good luck user rosielovelush only

sarahney 2 months ago

user scones for mod

Kieren 2 months ago

Good luck to everyone applying, wish you all the best!! <3

Tarasque 2 months ago

Good luck everyone c:

hus 2 months ago

Good luck all applicants :D WOOOO

incensive 2 months ago

good luck to those applying ! lets see habboons new members this time around :')

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My application won't submit, t...

Good luck peeps :)

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