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Hey Habboon,

In-case you're not in our Discord server, we'd like to start off by wishing you a happy new year and that 2021 brings a lot more to you than 2020 did! On top of that, we'd like to thank you for another whole year of constant support to Habboon and continously reminding us what makes Habboon so great: the community.

Entering 2021, the plugin that we usually use to run our client (Adobe Flash Player) has removed support and most main browsers (such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera) are removing it too. This means that the way you access Habboon will change, but don't worry! We're working on a browser alternative. 

In the meantime, we ask you to check our web-page over at and download our Desktop application. The desktop application is a simple application window that opens up and allows you to login to the Habboon client, click here to see a screenshot

We understand that there might be concern about what you're downloading on your computer, however we can assure you that we wish to keep our clean credibility and this is no different. We've provided virus scans (with regularly updated hash's) on the download webpage and even offer a non-Habboon alternative.

For those who download the application, there'll be a reward! If you manage to come across any problems with downloading, or any bugs while playing, feel free to report them in the Discord server.

We hope you continue to show us your unmatched support and trust, as you have done for the past 8 years, and thank you for choosing Habboon!

Habboon Management

Comments (16)

ok 1 year ago

Wish I was dead


Mohamed 1 year ago

Looking good.


Cinematique 1 year ago

This is really well done, even in the early days! It'll be awesome to see how it progresses!


Eurus03 1 year ago

ooh, better solution than some hotel out there lol.


Ahegao 1 year ago

but windows comes up with a warning when trying to download it lol


Idiocy 1 year ago



Sweet 1 year ago

cool!! :-)


kiss 1 year ago



Pix 1 year ago

Nicely done.


Eve 1 year ago



KingBunny 1 year ago

Great work! here is to a new chapter in boons story.


Michaela 1 year ago

very swag of u


meg 1 year ago

boon 4 lyfe


Haiasi 1 year ago



oliver 1 year ago

shut up pespidoge


0666 1 year ago


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Wish I was dead

Looking good.

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