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(thank you to cookie for the wonderful gfx)

Hello Habbooners!

Apologies for the delay but we just want to say a massive thank you to event supervisors, hosts, and players for bringing our ideas to life. We could never have done it without you! We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. Also, thank you to 326, mapache, furry and the rest at Connect - it was a pleasure to host this alongside such wonderful people!

To those who hosted mixed events and those who opted for non mixed events, thank you. It was lovely to see an array of different events being hosted and we'd love for you to continue doing so for GOTW in the future.

(Thank you to mil for the badges)

As stated previously, although it was team based events, the top 3 users who managed to obtain the most points in each team will receive some fantastic prizes. So without further ado, here are your winners:

Kieren - 107 points

Right - 97 points

Emi - 61 points

henny - 37 points

3D - 60 points

Dani. - 29 points

  **please find tonta or annabelle in-game to collect your prizes**

To everyone else, thank you for participating - it is not about winning, it is the taking part that counts.

If you have any ideas for events like these in the future, do not hesitate to contact one of us on discord. 

(tonta#3307 and annabelle#0001)

Thank you & Happy New Year (bit late but hey ho!)

Comments (7)

Kieren 8 months ago

congrats to all the other winners!! <3 <3

faith 8 months ago

amazing idea Connect <3 congrats to the winners !

kiss 8 months ago

oh phooey!!

Good 8 months ago

MIND THE GAP LMAOOOOOOOO report my team inting, low elo scrubs

Cameron 8 months ago

Congratulations winners! Thanks everyone for taking part, hopefully we can organise something like this again in the future :D

Jordan 8 months ago

Congratulations guys!!

put 8 months ago

congratulations winners!

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congrats to all the other winn...

amazing idea Connect <3 congra...

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