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Hello Habbooners

Love is in the air this month & we’re going to celebrate that! 

Despite the last minute decision of making these plans, we’ll have plenty of events that we’ve come up with for all the love birds & best friends out there.

Are you ready to bring your a-game this month?

Habboon Staff have created a Valentines Trivia Maze!

The maze topics will cover the Valentines theme of this month!

Hope to see you love bugs there! 

Brought to you by eden!

Opening: February 14th.

If you guys remember last year's Rose-Gram, then you’ll be familiar with this type of event!

This year, you’ll be able to send a Flower-Gram to someone special!

However, there are limitations! You may only send two flower-grams total, whether that be one to your partner and one to your bestie or two to two of your besties! You can decide whether you want to send the red roses & light brown bear or the pink roses & the chocolate brown bear.

It will all be anonymous until the results article is posted.

Click here to submit!

Find your best suited match for the Valentine’s Ball!

This is an event that happens yearly, one that people enjoy doing. This year, we plan to do it how we always do but more. 

Part 1: You enter your name and a Habboon staff member of your choice to be in the draw of being their date to the ball.

Part 2: You enter your name and a user of your choice to be in the draw of being their date to the ball.

You are welcome to submit for both if you want to choose a staff member and a user. If you get picked for both, we’ll just choose one or the other.

Submissions close on February 13th.

You will be messaged about your dates before the ball.

Click here to submit!

Time for some tacky heart decorations, red & pink all over, and love in the air …

Ladies and gentleman, the ball you’ve all been asking for (some of you)! We welcome you to the 2021 Habboon Valentine’s Day Ball unlike any other before. 

We’ll be hosting the typical dance party for you and your date, alongside some mixed events and couples CC to win some romantic prizes.

When you get your speed dating results, here is where you and your date can compete together and see how compatible you are. 

When: February 14th at 10:00 P.M BST.

Did your Valentines Ball date not be the most compatible outcome? Are you still single after Valentine's Day? Don’t worry! We’ll set you up. 

Get your best TV outfits on and come to the first ever official Take Me Out! For those of you who don’t know what Take Me Out is, feel free to check out this to learn more.

 We are letting everyone participate in whatever section they would like! So, if you’d prefer to be on stage to find your soulmate or be one of the lucky singles to light up your tile, you can definitely do that!

Come with an open mind, question, and a good attitude and hopefully you’ll be whisked away to a private room with your future soulmate!

Brought to you by devi & annabelle!

When: February 15th at 8:30 P.M BST.

Do you love rares? Well, we have got the right thing for you!

If you are familiar with Prize Counter, then you’ll love this game.

How To Play: Each player must step on the tile and teleport to 4 sections in the game. Each section will have either diamonds or rares! However, there is a chance of players teleporting out of the game each round. The section with the highest number will be the prize given to the winner!

Brought to you by punk!

When: February 16th at 5:00 P.M EST.

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kiss 1 year ago

single ready to pringle


Varm 1 year ago

wow user varm is sexy


snug 1 year ago

WOOOOOOOOOO happy almost v-day :-)


elle 1 year ago



linds 1 year ago

nori is single if any cute male doggos are interested


devi 1 year ago

If you want to date me at the valentines day ball, please bring boba,


0666 1 year ago

buzzing for cupids gifts

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single ready to pringle

wow user varm is sexy

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