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Welcome to Habboon Happenings!

Hosted by linds and devi!


We’re here to answer the frequently asked question: what’s happening on Habboon? Read the weekly post to check out spotlights on users, communities, and events. Ask advice and learn more about your own community. 


We’ll also post staff updates such as hirings, updates and more!


This week we’re shouting out the Boon’s Builders Team


The Boon’s Builder’s Team is a group of individuals who help create mazes, quests, and events for the Boon Adventures article each month. They are a team with so many talents, mainly focusing on building, wiring, graphics, and badges. This team is run by the Boon Adventure Leaders: linds, lily, cookie & eden alongside janitor devi & the Boon’s Builders Staff Team: mil, Michaela, bored, and fall. 


We asked BB Staff Member Michaela a few questions about their team ….


linds: What is it like being on a team with so many talented people?


Michaela: Honestly it's super motivating, I think I'd still be stuck wiring events rooms if I hadn't joined BB! I'm someone who is pretty organised but having creative ideas isn't a strength of mine, and it means I get to team up with people who have such creative amazing visions and help bring their ideas to life. The massive benefit of having so many different people on the team is the different viewpoints and opinions that everyone has because each person really brings something different and important to the table <33



devi: What has been your favorite quest to build so far?

Michaela: It's so hard to choose! Probably a tie between Animation and Game Night. Animation was so so cute to see lots of characters coming together in such creative games. Game Night was just a lot of retro games and lots of irl games to remake which is so fun to like re-imagine games, and there were a lot of auto games, so my wired brain was really living its best life!


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We have historically spotlighted agencies, roleplays, fansites, and user-created quests/mazes! 


A reader asks, "Should I get a pet turtle?..."

linds: Please do and then tie a balloon around him so then you know where he is if you let him roam your house :)

devi: Aww yes! If you're ready for the care and adopting ethically, I can imagine they'd be fun pets to have. Post pictures in our pet channel on the Habboon Discord!

A reader asks, "How do I find the motivation to work hard?..."

linds: I like to write lists and due dates so then I have that in mind. Have a treat/reward for when you do parts, and take breaks often!

devi: I like to write all the things I have to do and treat myself to boba or a few games when I complete tasks. Rest and socialize and don't overwork yourself <3


Do you have a burning question you’d love for linds or devi to answer? Feel free to submit here for a chance to be selected for the next edition of the article.

All questions will remain anonymous, so ask anything!

Everyone is so busy working for GOTW points, serving coffee at Coffeehouse, and assisting Frank in cleaning the Welcome Lounge that we believe there should be a little fun mixed with business.

Below will be some games that you can do for fun in your spare time! Think you’re up for the challenge?

Write a caption for the image presented below? What did Linds say that made Devi gasp?

Submit your captions here!


Tom has been promoted to Developer


Natalie, Tazo, chica, AB-Face, and punk were promoted to Moderator, soon after put and dynamic followed.


punk has joined Clyp on Snapshot of the Week.

chica has joined hus on Room of the Week.

Natalie has joined desiree on Outfit of the Week.

AB-Face and car103 will be taking over Guess the Furni

chica has joined linds, lily and cookie in assisting Boon Adventure’s.

put and dynamic have some plans in the works (shh). 


The owners recently pushed the new clothing recently, alongside some hot new diamond clothing! Wonder what's coming out next?


The fruit collection furniture and badges come out every few days, so keep an eye out!

The badges for all submissions will be according to the badges below!  

During random weeks, we may do a lottery or giveaway to give out different prizes, so keep reading Habboon Happenings to find out!


Thanks for reading this week’s post of Habboon Happenings!



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linds & devi

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Omg I feel so nostalgic Habboon Happenings is back!11!


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wheres tiktok of the week...........


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oliver ur silly my mother cuddle was on this article back in the OG days she a baddie


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YAY EXCITING !! congrats linds and devi WOOOO <3


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Yes ... the date is wrong on the header in case anyone notices ... will change later :) BUT WOOO HH IS BACK!

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Omg I feel so nostalgic Habboo...

wheres tiktok of the week........

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