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Thank you to Michaela for creating the header!

Everyone’s heard about the luck of the Irish, but what about their knack at solving puzzles? For this event, you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for clues spread throughout the maze in order to reach the end of the rainbow and the tantalizing Pot o’ Gold.

Each room — excluding the entrance — will have one number assigned to it. Remember, they could be in the form of anything you see! Gathering all six numbers and putting them in the correct order will give you a password that will unlock [HFG] Enigma Solved! owned by chaos.

If you find yourself there after successfully cracking the code, make sure to click yourself so that Change Looks and your username is visible and take a screenshot as proof. Send this screenshot to me at alx#9548 via Discord.

First to do so will receive the Pot o’ Gold shortly thereafter. If you are unable to follow these directions, your entry might not be considered.

There is also a secret room located somewhere in the maze. First three people to find it and screenshot themselves in it will have the chance to receive 250 diamonds!

This will take place on March 27th at 2:30 PM CST starting with [HFG] Entrance owned by chaos. It will be hotel alerted as soon as the room is unlocked, and then the hunt will begin!

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shreya 1 year ago

can't wait to figure out this fun & chaotic enigma


kiss 1 year ago



linds 1 year ago

WOOOO GOLD. Let's go! Solve the enigma and then give me the prizes tysm..

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can't wait to figure out this...


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