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Woof woof!

If you're someone who enjoys the comforts of pets on the hotel then you may have noticed a distinct lack of pet speeches... Well, this is where you come in! We are giving you the chance to engrave a part of yourself into the hotel, forever!

We've linked a form below where you can submit an unlimited number of speeches and select the pet(s) you'd like to see the speech on, if we like it - we'll use it! You may also submit multiple submissions if you need to select different pets for different speeches.

Do not:

  • No profanity / racism / homophobic / offensive terms
  • Don't use phrases that effectively target another person
  • Don't go over the amount of characters you can use in a single chat on the hotel.


  • Be creative / funny / witty!
  • Pick something that'll put a smile on someones face


If we use one or more of your pet speeches then you'll be given a badge & a rare of our choice, it's undecided what rare that'll be at the time of writing this article.

Click here to submit your pet speeches!

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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ooo cool funky different


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ooo cool funky different


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