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thanks to cookie (BA) and mooi (Connect) for these gfx!

Welcome to Boon Adventures with your hosts linds, cookie, lily and eden!

This is a monthly article based on various event-related games, including but not limited to:
mazes • wired games • board games • mind games • escape rooms • competitions

Some of these games are designed to test your wit, your patience, and your problem-solving skills, where others are competitive and fun for everyone. On the 1st of every month (unless otherwise), a new game or event will be up for you lucky Booners to participate in to challenge yourselves and win some nifty things!

Everything we make is assisted by the Boon’s Builders Team!

For the month of May, we’re going to be doing the theme(s): Toy Story!

Boon Adventure’s is very excited to announce our newest partnership with the fansite, Connect! Keep an eye out in the very near future for collaborations with the amazing Boon Builder's team. 

Read all about it here and find Boon Adventures on Connect’s partners page.

Join their server here for events, competitions, giveaways and much more!

The toys, they are alive!

Taking place in a world where anthropomorphic toys come to life when humans are not present, the plot focuses on the relationship between an old-fashioned pull-string cowboy doll named Woody and an astronaut action figure, Buzz Lightyear, as they evolve from rivals competing for the affections of their owner Andy Davis, to friends who work together to be reunited with him after being separated from him.

Boon Adventures created this alongside Connect!

To infinity and beyond!

On 234 Elm Street, you’ll find Andy’s house filled with toys that Andy plays with everyday. What he doesn’t know is that they actually come alive when he’s not around. Travel around Andy’s house and play with all of the toy’s to win some badges!

Keep in mind that the badges are randomly given in all the games -- meaning if you win, you might get one but you might not. 

In these games, once you play them all, they will all give you a word or two words. All these words will make a sentence that you say in the hidden end room to be entered in for a prize. 

To enter, you need to be in the Connect Discord server and the Boon Adventures Discord server. There will be a channel in the Connect Discord server where you have to take a screenshot of you in the end room to be entered for the prizes listed below. 

Please sit on the swing in the entrance room, say the quote and wear the four badges to be taken to the end room.

1st: Purple Cracker Hat and Cracker Vest, and 500 diamonds

2nd: Rare Clothing Item, 200 thrones and 250 diamonds

3rd: Blue ICM, 100 thrones and 250 diamonds

Search: "[BA + Connect] Andy’s House" to start! (owned by: Connect)

There’s a snake in my boot!

Connect and Boon Adventures will be hosting several different events throughout the month to provide some badges, neat prizes and Connect points to those who win.

Bo Peep’s Costume Change, Barbie’s Mixed Events, Star Command’s Floor Is Lava and Sheriff Woody Mixed Events

Those who collect all 4 of the event badges can submit to be entered for the prize below!

These events will be hotel alerted by Boon Adventures leaders & Connect members!

Click here to submit.

Connect and Boon Adventures are both hosting Discord based events that will last throughout the month of May. They will be located on either the Connect’s server or the Boon Adventures' server. 

Below is the list of events that will be done with locations (what server) and times they will be hosted!

Participate and earn a ton of really neat prizes and badges!

Only the best space rangers can join Star Command! 

Buzz Lightyear will put you against your wits to make sure you are ready. Space Camp will be a series of tasks all in one competition. Complete all of the tasks correctly and you will win! 

All winners will be put into a draw to win a large prize.

Location: Connect Server
When: May 7th - May 24th

Creative writing task! 

Bo Peep has lost her sheep - players must write a short story / descriptive piece on how exactly Peep was divided from her beloved sheep. Creative writing is subjective so this competition may require multiple judges or have a random generator pick the winner as long as criteria is met.

Location: Connect Server
When: May 17th - May 24th

Bookworm is bored in the Sunnyside Daycare library - he’s read everything there is to read! 

Now, he wants to test your Toy Story knowledge… Players must figure out who said the quote from any of the Toy Story films (similar to Guess The Meme competition from August’s meme month). 

If an answer is not given immediately/within a period of time, a multiple-choice hint is provided. 

Correct guesses are rewarded with 2 Connect Points or 1 point if a hint was needed.

The player who gets the most correct answers at competition’s end receives a Discord pin badge and a number of additional Connect Points!

Location: Connect Server
When: May 24th - May 30th

Can you guess who they are?

Before the article was set out, we put out a guessing game to answer who the characters are that are shaded out as a theme reveal game. 

Answers: Bucket O’Soldiers, Jessie & Bullseye, Buzz Lightyear & Emperor Zurg

We’ve entered all of the participants who answered correctly and did a draw for three lucky winners. The winners that were selected are:


Thank you everyone for participating in this event!

Can you spot the words? 

To all the puzzle solvers and mind game fans, we’ll be doing a wordsearch based on Toy Story where you can find all of the words and be placed in a lottery to win a special prize and badge. 

Location: Boon Adventures Server
When: May 10th - May 14th

Winners will be announced in that server.

Who likes doing a little colouring?

One week in May, we’ll be doing a colouring contest where we will supply you with the coloring page / template and you’ll have a certain amount of time to post it completed in the discord server.

The drawing / coloring that has the most votes will win. 

You can use real life colouring utensils or you can use pixel / graphic art. 

Location: Boon Adventures Server
When: May 17th - May 21st

Look, I'm Picasso!

With the given template of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, you’ll be drawing and designing your very own potato head character, clothes and all. 

You can use real life colouring utensils or you can use pixel / graphic art. 

Location: Boon Adventures Server
When: May 24th - May 28th

Big thank you to the entire Boon’s Builders team for providing most of the building, graphics, badges and wired help on all of the rooms. We want to let them know we appreciate all of the work each member does. You guys deserve so much praise.

You can notice them in the hotel wearing one of the badges below!

If you’d like to join the team, click here to submit an application!

Join the Boon Adventures server by clicking here where you can get information quickly, join competitions, and get help in rooms sooner.

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, feel free to PM one of us on Discord. 

lindsay#0001 • lily#3900 • thelma#0550 • eden#4818

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