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big thanks to cookie & devi for making these amazing gfx!

It takes courage to grow up and be who you really are.” 


Hello Habbooners!

This month is Pride Month, the month where we accept all members of the LGBTQ+ community with open arms and help them represent themselves for who they are.

We’re showcasing our support through a half a month full of events and colorful competitions, brought to you by the Habboon staff team, organized by: linds and devi!

Read below to see what you can enter & win!



hosted by: yellow

Bringing you a new edition of Room of the Week: Pride Style.

Showcase your builder brains and talents and make the best pride styled room. Anything with rainbows, colors, and pride themed is what we are looking for. You can only submit once, so show us everything you have to offer in your submission!

The rooms will be showcased in the results article & be on staff picks!

Must be submitted by June 28th and no later. 

1st Place: 400 Diamonds, Rainbow Dress, Weather Plush & Badge

2nd Place: 300 Diamonds, Rainbow Backpack & Badge

3rd Place: 200 Diamonds, Rainbow Purse & Badge

Click the graphic image of yellow below to submit!



hosted by: 326

What better way to celebrate Pride Month than to watch a film that celebrates LGBTQ+ Pride!

Join 326 on June 26th at 10pm BST in the official Habboon Discord server to watch The Half Of It! The Half Of It is a coming-of-age romantic comedy drama which focuses on a shy and introverted student Ellie Chu, who helps to write love letters for the outgoing school jock, Paul Munsky, to give to his crush Aster Flores. However, it isn’t long before Ellie herself finds she is falling for Aster.

Attend this movie night to be entered into a raffle to win a Pride Rainbow Purse from cookie & lily’s collection. Everyone will also receive the badge shown below!

Click the graphic image of 326 below to join the Habboon Discord server!



hosted by: devi and chica

Oh no! Our local red sweatshirt wearing developer Tom was making some rainbow cupcakes for the Pride Celebration when someone cupcake-nabbed them. Rumor has it, someone on the staff team did. But who? Devi and Chica are assigned to the case but need your help putting the clues together!

Start your hunt in [PRIDE] Cupcakes under Devi's rooms and listen to what Devi and Chica have to say about the case. You’ll go on a hunt across Habboon Hotel to find the other clues. 

Once you’ve pieced together the case, click on the graphic below to submit the name of the pesky cupcake stealing staff member so Linds can haul them into her office.

This opens on June 18th!

If you nab the correct culript, your name will be entered into a raffle where three winners will win a Rainbow Purse on behalf of our favorite red sweatshirt wearing developer Tom! 


The first THREE entries with the correct villain will earn a Weather Plush as well! 

Click the graphic image of devi and eden below to submit!

 devi#8451 • eden#4818



hosted by: linds

Calling all badges makers… we need your assistance!

We want you to submit your work for a chance to have it in the welcome lounge for the remainder of the month. Users of all corners of the world will be wearing and enjoying your work with pride for pride month.

The badge must be pride themed, that means: colorful, rainbows, pride!

Requirements: 42 x 42 is the max size & must be Habbo styled -- meaning pixel art. No copying from other already created badges on Habbo & any found on Google. All must be in GIF format. 

You have until
June 23rd to submit your badge!

1st Place: 400 Diamonds, Rainbow Dress, Weather Plush & Badge

2nd Place: 300 Diamonds, Rainbow Backpack & Badge

3rd Place: 200 Diamonds, Rainbow Purse & Badge

Click the graphic image of linds below to submit!



hosted by: Natalie and devi

Are your Habboon’s Next Top Model? We want to see the most creative rainbow outfits and matching backgrounds during this Pride...so get those creative threads out and show us your best outfit and scenery! Showcase your best rainbow outfit using only clothes from the Habboon wardrobe and a matching photoshoot to go with the in-game camera! 

Don’t know how to save a picture with the camera? When you take a snap, press the “save” button pictured below your photo to download the photo to your local. Then you can upload that to imgur to submit.