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Hello Booners, 

This article is a quick update to let you know about a change being made to the Gamer of the Week point distribution, which feedback and patience will be appreciated for. Understand that this system has been put in place to increase the competitive nature of events and also to see the rightful effort put into games be rewarded with an appropriate reward. We'd also like to announce that GOTW points will no longer be rewarded for hosting and will instead be replaced with 25 diamonds, with an attempt to return GOTW to being about the player, rather than the host. We'll also be making changes to the diamond reward that winners of events earn, so expect an update on that soon.

Tier 1 games will reward users with 1 GOTW point. Tier 2 games will reward users with 2 GOTW points. Tier 3 games will reward users with 3 GOTW points. Double GOTW will also be a more active thing in the near future, in which these scores will be doubled.

Tier 1 Games (Games that are totally defied by odds and minimal user input, such as just clicking, without any further input required, or users cannot see the input of their actions effect the game): 

  • Attack Games
  • Banzai Run
  • Colour Game
  • Fireball
  • Fridge Game
  • Heaven or Hell
  • Poisonous Chairs
  • Silent Stab

Tier 2 Games (While randomzied odds still have affect in most of these games, they do require user focus and some level of 'skill' to actually determine their placing in the game):

  • Add it Up / Multiply it Up
  • Bank Game
  • Bingo
  • Last Man Standing
  • Lights Out
  • Melting Carpets
  • Snake Run
  • Unusual Game

Tier 3 Games (These games are not defied by randomized odds, and are entirely down to user focus and ability which requires full attention to the game most of the time):

  • Dictionary
  • Fastest Typer
  • General Knowledge
  • Shout it Out
  • Spelling Bee
  • Telephrase
  • Trivia
  • Unscramble

Due to users always creating new games and more, the staff will continue to shape these lists around how they see fit and finalize their places while also possibly changing the current tiers. This list won't be updated as this is mostly for staff end and shouldn't affect the way you play the games, but still feel free to provide feedback to staff. Ultimately, staff make the calls for this and decide their placements.


Comments (11)

put 4 months ago

brains n brawn > luck...... woot woot!!

kiss 4 months ago

best wishes indeed!!

S8 4 months ago

All the best haboonerss

oliver 4 months ago

how can u argue that telephrase is more skilful than aiu/miu lol

1 4 months ago

*laughs in tier 3*

sarahney 4 months ago

gkr getting the respect it deserves

courtney 4 months ago

this is wonderful! < 3

kiss 4 months ago


put 4 months ago

glad that brain games are finally getting the recognition it deserves!!!

twinkle 4 months ago

I’m actually loving these changes !! Well done to the staff team for coming up with this wonderful idea !!

faith 4 months ago

lovely changes!! look forward to playing more events

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brains n brawn > luck...... wo...

best wishes indeed!!

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