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Happy Pride to all LGBTQ+ members of the community! Although the month is almost coming to an end, we hope this month was both special and meaningful for all those who expressed their Pride.

Various members of the Connect staff team have been working very hard to put together events for you to take part in to celebrate Pride Month 2021.

Keep on reading below to find out more on how to win exclusive Pride clothing items made by the very talented cookie and lily.

Want to join our amazing and dedicated team of staff to help put together articles like this in the future? Feel free to click here to apply!

Jump across the clouds amongst the rainbow and visit 7 different coloured rooms. Each colour has a unique game inside as well as information on Pride, the LGBTQ+ community and the significance that this Pride Month has for hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Complete all 7 rooms and you will receive a hotel badge! Send a screenshot of yourself in the final room to Connect’s Discord server and you could find yourself in with the chance to win an exclusive Rainbow Bag (shown below)

You can start your journey within the clouds by going to

[Connect] Love Out Loud! owned by Connect

(Or you can find the room in the staff picks section of the navigator)

This maze opens on 25th June at 9pm BST

Keep an eye on one of the rooms of this quest for a secret teleporter that will take you to a side quest! Details of this side quest will be given once you reach the room! Complete the side quest and you will receive an exclusive hotel badge! You will also be placed into a raffle to win an exclusive Rainbow Backpack (shown below)

Join 326 on Sunday 27th June at 8pm BST for a special game of Skribbl. We’ll be using a custom list of words relating to Pride to celebrate Pride Month. 

This will be taking place in Connect’s Discord server. Click the Discord logo below to join!

To make it fair for everyone due to the limited spaces available in Skribbl lobbies, we’ll be hosting as many games as possible on the night. Users who place 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the games we host will be placed into a raffle to win an exclusive Rainbow Bag or Rainbow Backpack.

As well as this, we’ll be giving out plenty of other prizes such as thrones, Diamonds and Connect Points throughout the night! Who knows, we may even give out some Rainbow Eggs!

Alongside celebrating Pride, Connect is hosting a very special birthday festival to celebrate Habboon turning 8 years old. Help us organise the festival by completing a number of tasks in a series of different rooms! Keep in mind every festival needs great music, special guests and, because it's a birthday festival, amazing gifts!


You can start this quest by going to:

[Connect] Boon's Birthday Festival owned by Connect


Everyone who completes the Birthday Festival maze will receive this hotel badge & Discord pin badge:

Send a screenshot in the final room to our Discord server (join here) and you'll be entered into a raffle to win 25 thrones and 1000 diamonds.


A huge thanks to these individuals for making these Pride filled events possible:

oliver, beloved, 326 & kiss [Game Design]

oliver, beloved, kiss, smiles, CrispyHotwings, tbh & 326 [Room Builds]

oliver, Lapine, 326 & Michaela [Game Wiring]


Any issues with the Love Out Loud quest or our Skribbl event? Please contact these individuals:

326#2306 - paige x#5335 - Michaela#5556

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courtney 3 months ago

This is awesome < 3 happy pride everyone :3

kitty 4 months ago

live laugh love

put 4 months ago

live and love out loud!11!!!!

Jeremy 4 months ago

Happy pride month!

Cameron 4 months ago

Happy Pride everyone, love from Connect x

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faith 4 months ago

sounds fun!!

spitz 4 months ago

cant wait!!

put 4 months ago

pride month just keeps getting better and better!!!

kiss 4 months ago


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This is awesome < 3 happy prid...

live laugh love

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