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big thanks to cookie & devi for making these amazing gfx!

It takes courage to grow up and be who you really are.” 


Hello Habbooners!


Thank you for an amazing month of Pride!


All of our events have concluded and we hope that you had a spectacular time with each activity. Check out below for all of the results for each event. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who submitted! Your participation really made this month so amazing for all of us.


Remember, the Pride Bingo event ends tomorrow, so check out if you can snag one last box if you placed in this article!

 brought to you by the Habboon staff team, organized by: linds and devi!


hosted by: yellow


That concludes the special edition of Room of the Week: Pride Style


Thank you to all submitters and a big congratulations to all winners. It was super hard to pick, so we added two honorable mentions to spotlight our favorite builds!

Congratulations to: 


1st Place: Doll 

2nd Place: Kiss 

3rd Place: Tbh


Pride Honorable Mentions: 




1st Place: 300 Diamonds, Rainbow Dress & Badge

2nd Place: 200 Diamonds, Rainbow Backpack & Badge

3rd Place: 100 Diamonds, Rainbow Purse & Badge


hosted by: 326


50 unique users joined the Movie Night channel at one put during the night 34 users received the ES29I badge for staying for a significant portion of the movie 


User vx was randomly selected from the 34 users who received a badge to win the Pride Rainbow Purse

What better way to celebrate Pride Month than to watch a film that celebrates LGBTQ+ Pride!





hosted by: devi and snug

The results are in, the culprit has been nabbed! The cupcake stealer was Ash! Only certain Habboon detectives were able to see that Ash was angry about Tom’s Ipad abuse….even sneakier detectives saw that Ash had chocolate cupcakes hidden behind him at ClubNx. Devi and Snug have decided to close the case.


Our first three correct entries were Moonstone, Coalesce, and TinTin. Congrats on your new Rainbow Purse! 


The three winners from the raffle were  Sandra., Maiken, and Beth. Congrats on your new Rainbow Plushie! 


Thanks to all participants, it was fun seeing all of your responses! Feel free to let either Devi or Snug know if you’d like more of these in the future. Happy Pride!


 devi#8451 • eden#4818



hosted by: linds


Thanks to everybody who submitted amazing badges for this contest, it was truly a hard as heck decision. Before announcing the winners, all the badge makers who submitted are super talented!


1st Place: Kuru

2nd Place: amore

3rd Place: bub


Since Kuru’s was in first place, her badge will be in the welcome lounge to grab after the article is posted and will be there until the end of the month! Prizes will be given sometime soon & badges will be given ASAP.



1st Place: 400 Diamonds, Rainbow Dress & Badge

2nd Place: 300 Diamonds, Rainbow Backpack & Badge

3rd Place: 200 Diamonds, Rainbow Purse & Badge



hosted by: Natalie and devi


Are your Habboon’s Next Top Model? We want to see the most creative rainbow outfits and matching backgrounds during this get those creative threads out and show us your best outfit and scenery! Showcase your best rainbow outfit using only clothes from the Habboon wardrobe and a matching photoshoot to go with the in-game camera! 

Congratulations to: 


1st Place: August’s Rainbow Party

2nd Place: Amore’s Rainbow Garden

3rd Place: Shreya’s Indian Inspired Look