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(Graphics by Ch and the Boonwave Graphics Team, article by otter)

BoonWave is a Habboon fansite devoted to uniting Boon players by promoting friendly competition and encouraging users to try new things. Our incredible team is dedicated to designing and hosting various events, competitions, and quests to make your experience more rewarding and thrilling. We also provide a variety of guides to aid our community! Soon we will introduce V2 of our website on which you will be able to view these specific guides, as well as many other things. Stay tuned :). For now, however, we have a brand new event to introduce to all of you!

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Booners, the best time of the year has arrived, summer! To celebrate, Boonwave has organized ‘Splash Fest’: a week-long festival with events to excite everyone. Including all of summer's best bits, the beach, the cool drinks, the pool!

The party kicks off on the 9th of July and concludes with mixed summer events on July 18th!